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Photo Black Ink Refill for HP 564XL HPI-7017D + Click to enlarge

InkTec Refill Kit for HP 564XL (CB322WN) Photo Black

Reg. Price $16.95
Our Price $12.99

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Inktec dual refill kit to refill Hewlett Packard HP 564 (CB317WN) and 564XL (CB322WN) photo black cartridge includes the following: Two 20 ml bottles of black ink for 5~12 refills - depending on if you are refilling your HP 564 or your HP 564XL, two injection needles, a manual, adhesive tape, an ink suction syringe, a refill clip, and a pair of plastic gloves. Take advantage of the great savings by refilling your cartridge 5~12 times with Ink refills for your HP 564 or your 564XL!
Note - The CB317WN / CB322WN refill kit is not 'universal', it is designed to be used only on the HP 564 and 564XL photo black cartridges.

InkTec inkjet cartridge refill kits allow you to refill your existing empty ink cartridge. Why buy a new or remanufactured ink cartridge when you can refill the cartridge you have for much less money? Each kit includes the ink, tools and instructions to refill your empty inkjet cartridge and get printing again quickly. It is always a good idea to refill cartridges that have just ran out of ink. You also shouldn't try to keep printing on an empty cartridge as it will burn out of the printheads on your ink cartridge. All inkjet cartridge print quality will eventually fade but by keeping your cartridge full of ink and printing regularly you should be able to get a few cycles with one cartridge before buying a new or remanufactured ink cartridge.

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SKU OEM Number
Page Yield
Cost Per Page Capacity (ml) Shelf Life
HPI-7017D CB322WN 1,560 0.83 cents 40 24-36 Months
Photo Black Ink Refill for HP 564XL 4.5 5 8 14
HP 564XL Refill The HP 564XL cartridge is larger than the HP 564 cartridge and requires a larger refill clip. The clip provided fits the HP 564 cartridge but not the HP 564XL cartridge. March 2, 2014
Excellent but best used with the XL cartridge A stated in the summary, this works best when injected in the xl cartridge where you inject approximately 6ml. When injecting 3ml in the standard cartridge, it is too easy to overfill. This is a slick system that is so easy and clean to use. I wish it were available in bulk packaging (without the cartidge holder). November 7, 2013
Great Product This refill kit for the 564/564XL black cartridge is very easy to use and rarely gets messy if used correctly. My only doubt in buying this product is that the LD remanufactured 564XL is probably better value for money. You can buy 6 remanufactured 564xl's for $48. Cost of 1 OEM 564XL + 1 refill kit is about the same and will probably give you about equal printing. In future I will probably use remanufactured blacks and color refill kits (the color costing slightly favors refilling). August 25, 2013
Didn't work I filled the cartridge with the ink but my printer wouldn't recognize it so it still wasn't printing properly June 7, 2013
Printed Good Quality result! Satisfy with this product! Will purchase it again! November 3, 2012
Great Results Easy to use, Prints perfect, Not messy, Many refills in kit, Very good instructions, Will buy again. March 29, 2011
Great Stuff I've been using LD for my printers for several years. Great product, good follow through, good people. February 23, 2011
Greaaaat deal!!! first time I am really satisfied with an ink refill kit, the easiest and cheapest way to recharge your printer, and great quality too, will never buy ink at expensive prices anymore, you wont believe your eyes when your done refilling and see no ink mess anywhere, definately a great DEAL. November 6, 2010
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