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Lexmark Refill 18C0035 Color Ink LMI-3318C + Click to enlarge

InkTec Refill Kit for Lexmark 18C0035 / Lexmark 35 Color

This product is discontinued.

Lexmark 18C0035 / Lexmark 35 Color Inkjet refill kit includes the following:

  • 20 ml bottles each of cyan, magenta and yellow ink for 3~4 refills

  • Three injection needles, a manual, a screw tool, a refill clip, and a pair of plastic gloves

Take advantage of the great savings by refilling your cartridge 3~4 times with Ink refills for your Lexmark Lexmark 35!

InkTec inkjet cartridge refill kits allow you to refill your existing empty ink cartridge. Why buy a new or remanufactured ink cartridge when you can refill the cartridge you have for much less money? Each kit includes the ink, tools and instructions to refill your empty inkjet cartridge and get printing again quickly. It is always a good idea to refill cartridges that have just ran out of ink. You also shouldn't try to keep printing on an empty cartridge as it will burn out of the printheads on your ink cartridge. All inkjet cartridge print quality will eventually fade but by keeping your cartridge full of ink and printing regularly you should be able to get a few cycles with one cartridge before buying a new or remanufactured ink cartridge.

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SKU OEM Number
Page Yield
Cost Per Page Capacity (ml) Shelf Life
LMI-3318C 18C0035 8 Refills 212.38 cents 75 24 - 36 mos