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Scotch Moving and Storage Packaging Tape with Dispenser - 1 per roll MMM3650SRD + Click to enlarge

Scotch Moving and Storage Packaging Tape with Dispenser - 1 per roll

1.87" Width x 38.20 yd Length - Dispenser Included - 1 Roll - Clear

Our Price: $7.60 Per Roll


Scotch Moving and Storage Tape is designed for light-duty mailing and packaging. Long-lasting adhesive works in hot or cold temperatures so the tape is great for long-term storage. Tape meets Postal Regulations and includes a reusable dispenser.

Manufacturer Part Number
Brand Name
Packaged Quantity
1 / Roll
Product Type
Packaging Tape
Tape Length
38.20 yd
Tape Width
Long Lasting
Recycled Content
Scotch Moving and Storage Packaging Tape with Dispenser - 1 per roll 4.8 5 75 75
not sticking to moving boxes We were very disappointed to move after 16 years in a residence to find that we bought scotch tape for all of our over 100 boxes to find that as soon as overnight the tape has dislodged fromt eh boxes. We spent a fortune on tape and boxes and now for movers to come, they will have to retape every box before lifting. I am VERY SURPRISED AND UPSET that Scotch has come up with a better sticking ability, especially when you specifically buy Moving and storage tape!!!!!!!! November 24, 2014
Worst packing tape I've ever used Bought this tape to use for cross country move when I ran out of tape from another brand. This tape did not have the strength and durability of the other brand and did not give me any confidence in its ability to hold together boxes for my move. This tape splits easily causing strands of tape that are difficult to reunite. This happens frequently when trying to find the edge of the roll. It also breaks easily if you apply even a small amount of force while taping a box. January 17, 2014
LONG LASTING I have used this Tape 10 years ago on Boxes of my mothers things and moved maybe 6 times from rental to rental to storages. Over the years I have never opened some of the boxes and the Tape is still Holding! I live in Florida where Tempertures are Hot and Humid and I am very Pleased with the performace of this Tape !! Any other tape is Dry and brital with no stick. I love you Scotch. I have only replaced Two boxes with the Tape just torn and opened and reopened . And I have a lot of boxes that are just the Same as when I taped them 10 years ago.. November 11, 2013
I use this on every move I grew up in the military and married into it, as well. As a result, I have moved over 20 times in my life. Each and every brings more boxes and stuff to put in them than the one before. I have tried other brands of packing tape, but none work nearly as well as Scotch. And having a tape dispenser that goes with the tape is one of the best friends you can have when packing. Trying to keep track of tape and scissors and the end the end of the roll of tape is so time consuming and frustrating. But having an all in one system has made packing so much easier and me so much happier and nicer. I could not face a move without it. February 13, 2013
Lots of uses This tape works well for many purposes. It dispenses easily once it is started. It is clear and does not 'pick off' easily. This is important for me because I am a teacher and use it to cover labels on many different items. The only problem I have with it is that if you forget to do a fold-over when you are finished with a project, it can be difficult tolocate the beginning and get it rolling evenly. August 23, 2012
That is good tape! I have a son stationed overseas in the military. When I send him care packages, I always use Scotch Moving and Storage tape. He has even commented on the good quality of the tape. April 17, 2012
I do like 3M products but definitely NOT THIS ONE I am very unhappy about this long lasting tape. This tape breaks easily. I have to peel off some of the tape in order to make it even. But as soon as I fixed the problem, it breaks again. It took me almost half an hour to tape one package. I would NEVER, ever buy this product again. Save your time, save your money, buy something else and you will be appreciate yourself for reading my review. Thanks. September 4, 2011
Super strong I've tried to use bargain brand packaging tape, but ended up using more tape just to keep the box together. What is worse, is that my boxes fell apart when I tried to move them around in our storage unit after a few months. That was no bargain after all. Scotch Brand Long Lasting Moving and Storage Packaging tape is strong and sticks to the box well, creating a seal that gives me confidence that my items will stay just the way I want them. Even with extreme Texas heat, my Scotch Brand sealed boxes remained sealed and intact. Moving is hard work. I appreciate that Scotch Brand doesn't make the job even harder on me. It does the job it was designed to do, and I am very happy with this product! August 9, 2011
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