Cosmo Tape Dispenser

Holds Total 1 Tape(s) - 1" Core - Refillable - Impact Resistant - Plastic - Assorted

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Personalize your space with a fun, expressive tape dispenser in the shape of a cosmo glass
Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser in a fun design
Includes 1 roll of Scotch Magic Tape
Pen holder (pen not included)
Refillable dispenser
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Product Type
Desktop Tape Dispenser
Holding Size
0.75" Width x 125 ft Length with 1" Core
Impact Resistant


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ScotchCosmo Tape Dispenser

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Putting the "fun" in functional!

The Chameleon Scotch Magic tape dispenser puts the fun in functional office accessories! This chameleon design is cute and whimsical. The scotch tape is held inside the chameleon body, and the tape dispenses...Read complete review

The Chameleon Scotch Magic tape dispenser puts the fun in functional office accessories! This chameleon design is cute and whimsical. The scotch tape is held inside the chameleon body, and the tape dispenses out of the mouth, like a tongue, landing on an adorable, hapless fly, where the cutting blade is. The dispenser is durable but lightweight. The tape rolls out smoothly, and it cuts off easily and evenly. The packaging is sturdy, protecting the dispenser well, and has a desert background to add to the fun. The dispenser comes with a roll of scotch magic tape, so you don't have to worry about buying some right away. It is refillable. I really like this tape dispenser. I only wish it had come with instructions for how to open it. I spent about ten minutes trying to figure out how the dispenser opens before I discovered that the chameleon pulls apart, down the middle, allowing you to start the roll of tape or change out an empty roll. An informative tab our sticker would have helped. The packaging also said that the chameleon changes color with your touch. When I first tried this out, I saw no change whatsoever. Although I keep my house temperatures at 75 degrees, I thought my touch still should have caused some color change. So I tried blowing on it with my hair dryer set on hot, to see if this would cause a color change. Nothing. But when I rubbed ice on the dispenser, it turned a little bit darker green. So I put the dispenser in the freezer for ten minutes. When I took it out afterwards and touched it, I could see a faint change of color to a lighter shade of green, a yellowish green, but it was almost imperceptible. I think that a color change to a more contrasting color like blue or red would have been better. Overall, I really like the chameleon tape dispenser. It adds a bit of charm to my desk and helps me not "blend in" with the crowd! I give it four and a half stars out of five. I would recommend this tape dispenser to anyone who enjoys fun, functional desk supplies! I received a free sample of this tape dispenser in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Most Liked Negative Review


Unique looking desktop tape dispenser

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. There are a few thing that I like about this item that I don't care for and a few that I do....Read complete review

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. There are a few thing that I like about this item that I don't care for and a few that I do. So here is my feedback. The look of the item is unique - I have never seen a Scotch Tape Dispenser that looked like this - its a fun design that creates conversation from those that see it on my desk. The Chameleon sticking its tongue out to catch the flying insect is fun. The downfall of this item is key on three points. First off the color changing for me just didn't happen. I tried holding my hands on it for several moments, I tried sticking it in the freezer and then holding it - but none of those seemed to make any color change that was mildly noticeable. That was a bummer. The second challenge was actually opening the dispenser to add the tape without directions. That was hard because the item is plastic and I was concerned that I would break it by prying it open. I finally went online and found a video of how to open this up. Then from there it was still challenging for me to get my fingers positioned to get the tape out of the mouth. The third issue is the lack of weight in the base. I am accustomed to using a weighted tape dispenser with a rubber base (holding it in place when you pull the tape). This item is not weighted and does not stay in place when you pull the tape. You must pull the tape and hold the Chameleon down to dispense. Seems like extra work to me. So if you want an item that starts a conversation, get one of these. If you want something that changes color or stays in position when using, you want to stay away from this.

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Fun in the workplace!

By nolacap

from Undisclosed

Comments about Scotch Cosmo Tape Dispenser:

I actually work in the liquor industry, so this is perfect! Was befuddled for a minute on how to initially get the tape out, but realized the lime slides off the cup and opens up. Duh. So glad I got this - will surely be an eye-catcher!


Colorful and cute!

By Moody1016

from Mansfield, OH, United States

Comments about Scotch Cosmo Tape Dispenser:

I use this dispenser on my desk at work and everyone loves it! It's easy to open to refill tape and the color makes it stand out on my (sometimes) cluttered desk.





Verified Buyer

Comments about Scotch Cosmo Tape Dispenser:



Great gag gift, but maybe practical too.

By Tom

from Marco Island, FL

Verified Buyer

Comments about Scotch Cosmo Tape Dispenser:

Priced right, I used for a gag gift for my older daughters. Not sure how practical it is. But, otherwise I love it.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Cute, but it requires two hands.. (more)..

By hrlaser

from So. Calif.

Comments about Scotch Cosmo Tape Dispenser:

Cute product but it's not weighted so it requies both hands to use.. it's supposed to change colors when held, but I've never seen it do that. I just used up the roll of tape that came inside it, but there's no place inside it to hold a spare roll, so I had to buy one. The dispenser always feels to me like the tabs in slots on its base are going to break when it has to be pulled off the unweighted base in order to open it to get the first roll started, or put in a new roll and it's VERY difficult to see how much tape is left.. I have a decades-old magic tape dispenser that is heavily weighted so one can use it with one hand - it also holds a spare roll, has a non-slip rubber pad on the bottom, and a clear, pop-off may not be cute, but it's functionally highly superior.. I'd rate the Chameleon high for cuteness, but low for construction quality.. kids would probably love it for the cuteness, and it's definitely a conversation piece, but it should be weighted, have a non-slip pad on the bottom, and hold a spare roll of tape... I'm giving it a low rating for all these reasons and a "no" recommendation, unless you're a parent whose kid(s) would love it.. the yes or no recommend choice should also have a "Maybe" or an "it depends."..


So Cute!!


from Coral Springs, FL, United States

Comments about Scotch Cosmo Tape Dispenser:

My good friend loves cosmos so I bought this for her the other day. She absolutely loved it. It sits proudly in the middle of her desk. She shows it to everyone!


Very cute tape dispenser!

By Mom1

from Seguin, TX

Comments about Scotch Cosmo Tape Dispenser:

I got this tape dispenser free to try. I gave it to my 9 year old daughter to put on her desk. She loved it. Previously she had just been using the individual rolls of tape that come in the clear plastic tape. She's very happy with this dispenser.


Fun idea, questionable practibility.

By Mom42boys

from Stillwater, MN, United States

Comments about Scotch Cosmo Tape Dispenser:

I received the Chameleon tape dispenser free, from 3M, to review. While the idea of having a tape dispenser be a chameleon is clever, (tape dispenses from the mouth as a tongue) the actual process of utilizing the tape is hampered by the fact that the dispenser is neither heavy enough to remain still while the tape is pulled out, or able to be secured to the surface it is placed upon Therefore, you cannot use just one hand to pull a piece of tape from the dispenser, which rather negates the point of the dispenser. I tried to use it while wrapping a birthday present, and I had to continually remind myself to take a piece of tape BEFORE I made my folds. It was a bit frustrating! It's neat to look at, but sadly, lacks in the usability area.


Super Cute!

By Missy88091

from Lansing, MI, United States

Comments about Scotch Cosmo Tape Dispenser:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion. This Chameleon tape dispenser is adorable! I have it sitting on top of my computer tower and it makes me smile every time I use it. It works great and it's very easy to change the tape roll!


Color Changing???

By gilbert 33428

from Boca Raton, FL

Comments about Scotch Cosmo Tape Dispenser:

The very first draw for me was the cuteness PLUS the color changing factor. Although it remains cute, why would you call it color changing when, in fact, it really is not. You say it is a very subtle color change in your comment to the reviews, but why bother. It really would have been cute if Scotch had figured out a way to have it change colors - truly change colors. Isn't this something that could have actually been done?

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