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Bargain School Supplies Buying Guide

Bargain School Supplies Buying Guide

With back to school just around the corner, seeking out the best deal on supplies can take a bit of sleuthing.  This year, LD Products just made it easier to find quality supplies at a great price, so you can grab what you need and get back to summer break.  To save you time, we are featuring some of our biggest discounts on popular school essentials and we even have a few quick money saving tips to share too.  Read on to start saving!

Quick Saving Tips

Shop with a Plan in Mind

Before you start shopping, create a plan!  Map out exactly what you need and set a proposed budget so there are no unexpected surprises when it is time to buy.  Most teachers issue a classroom supply list but you aren’t going to use all of those supplies on the first day.  Figure out which school supplies are absolute must-haves for the first few weeks of school and plan on budgeting for the non-essentials later in the school year.

Consult the Supply Closet

Some perfectly good school supplies from last year’s shopping spree could be hiding in the closet.  Check your home supply closet, office desk drawer and your kid’s backpack for salvageable supplies. Not all of your supplies should have to be brand new!

Take advantage of a tax-free weekend

Many states have started hosting tax-free weekends just in time for back to school.  If you plan accordingly, you can skip the sales tax and score a great deal on all your classroom essentials.  The Balance offers a complete list of participating states on their website.  Unfortunately not every state participates, but the list continues to grow every year.

Stay Organized

Back to school deals seem to start earlier every year.  To keep track of the best sales, set a reminder for the sale start time on your smart phone.  Create a checklist with an app like Todoist or Google Tasks  so no supply gets left behind! LD Product’s back to school sale runs from August 2nd-10th, check out all of the great deals on our back to school deals page.

From mechanical pencils to protractors, find a comprehensive list of everything you need to start the school year off.  Go to this page to start shopping all of our top selling school supplies or we’ve broken down all of the essentials by grade:

So many deals, so little time. Not sure where to start? Here’s a list of our top 15 favorites to get you started!


Our Top 15 Favorite Deals


One Dozen No. 2 Wooden Pencils

This 12 pack of No. 2 wooden pencils come pre-sharpened!  Featuring a hexagonal grip for comfortable writing, these are the perfect choice for sketching out the new school year.


5 Pack of Bic® Mechanical Pencils

Includes five bright colors and smooth 0.50 mm lead for a smudge-free writing experience.  Comparable to a #2 pencil, the lead is simple to refill and are a great option for everyday use.


3 Pack of Pink Pearl® Erasers

Keep these in your backpack, in your desk or at home, for instant error elimination no matter where you are.  A sturdy, pliable rubber with a beveled edge makes for a solid grip; students have trusted Pink Pearl for decades.

$23.87 per dozen

Pilot® V-Ball Black Ink Pen

This black Pilot pens offers a smooth, smudge-free writing experience and a sturdy grip, perfect for note taking in any classroom.  The pen has a .70mm tip that that delivers crisp, clean lines to keep your ideas flowing.

$0.86 cents

Clear Mini Pencil Box

Keep your school supplies in check with this handy clear plastic pencil box.  Ideal for holding pens, pencils, highlighters and notecards.  Easily fits in any desk or backpack, box dimensions are 7.3″ Length x 3.3″ Width x 1.3″ Height .


Avery® 1.5″ Capcity Binder

1.5” capacity round ring view binder.   Metal round rings mounted on the spine hold your letter-size papers securely in place to let you flip through notes, reports and more without getting your pages out of order. Ideal for your class notes, projects and other important papers. Binder holds up to 275 sheets.

$1.37 cents

Avery® Big Tab Insertable Dividers (5 Tabs)

These tabs are 50% bigger than traditional dividers so you have printing space for customization.  Each tab is composed of sturdy paper stock with gold reinforced edges.

$1.17 cents

Elmer’s Washable School Glue

Created using a no-run all-purpose formula that dries fast and clear, it is a reliable choice for securing paper, fabric, cardboard, pottery and more.



Sharp® EL-233SB Pocket Calculator

Crunching numbers is as easy as 1,2,3 with this basic calculator at just $3.03! An 8-digit display and soft rubber keys allows for speedy number punching. Includes a percentage key, square root key.


Mead ® 5-Subject Notebook – 180 Sheets 

Keep your class notes all in one place with this handy 5-subject notebook!   College-ruled spacing provides more room for note taking and essay writing and a slim, compact design makes it easy to transport.


4 Pack of 3”x3” Yellow Post-it® Notes

Post-it Notes are a favorite for notes, reminders and to-do lists. Use the self-adhesive top strip on the back to stick the post-it to almost any surface.  Great for labeling important school assignments or as a quick reminder on your binder or planner.


BIC® Wite-Out Exact Liner Correction Tape Pen

BIC’s Wite-Out correction tape is quick drying for fast corrections so you can fix any typo almost instantly.  Works just like an ordinary pen, offering more control than your standard bottle of Wite-Out fluid and includes 19.8 feet of correction tape.


4 Pack of Assorted Sharpie® Highlighters

Featuring 4 bright options for easy color coding and a versatile chisel tip that’s designed for both wide and thin lines, prepping for the big history test will be a breeze!


Standard Ruler

The durable plastic and lightweight design is perfect for any class. With holes in the center, storing the ruler in a two or three-ring binder is quick and convenient.

$1.87 cents

100 Pack of Index Cards

Flashcards are a powerful studying companion and for just $0.18 cents, you can buy a pack for every subject!  Each card is a standard 3” x 5” size that includes ruled lines on the front and a blank space for labeling on the back.

We hope this bargain-buying guide made your school supply search a little bit easier.  If you have any questions about a product or are looking for something in particular, drop us a line.  Happy Shopping!

*Savings based on office supply prices effective as of July 12, 2021 on www.LDProducts.com.  OEM names are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are not affiliated with, and do not endorse LD Products.

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