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College Care Package Ideas

College Care Package Ideas

College may have just begun but it’s never too early to start thinking about a college care package to send to your loved ones. What makes a great college care package? It can be anything from snacks, cleaning supplies, vitamins, medicine, school supplies, and sentimental objects meant to show you care. If you haven’t sent one before or are out of ideas on what to put in your next one, here are some suggestions.

Send them a taste of home.

No matter what your college student tells you, there will be many times when they think of home. What better way to be reminded of home than with home baked goods?  Added bonus: they are sure to be an instant hit on the dorm hall!  Our favorite?  Martha Stewart’s Outrageous Chocolate Cookies.  If you are a chocolate fan, these are incredibly addictive. Or, take it a step further and put together a custom recipe book of favorite family dinner recipes.  Your kid can impress their roommates with grandma’s famous lasagna recipe and cultivate their culinary skills. That’s a win, win!

Conquer laundry day.

Laundry day is always a drag; help lighten their load by providing all of the essentials: detergentdryer sheets and the ever-appreciated roll of quarters.  If their college uses a card system for their laundry machines, ditch the quarters and include some extra cash to reload their card.

Stock up on bathroom basics.

Save your scholar a trip to Target® and throw in their favorite bathroom basics.  Shampoo, soap, razors, shaving cream, face wash, mouthwash, toothpaste and other toiletries are easy wins and ensures that your freshman maintains good hygiene.

Keep their dorm room tidy.

No, you won’t be passive aggressive if you send them stuff to clean their room. Just thoughtful (wink). The truth is college life can get overwhelming, and a clean dorm room is usually not a top priority for most students. According to Psychology Today, a clean, organized environment doesn’t only promote health but also enables you to focus better. By providing the appropriate cleaning supplies, you can encourage your student to clean, or at least prepare them for the eventual cleaning frenzy right before parent’s weekend.  You can find a complete list of affordable cleaning supply options, including PPE essentials, here.

Gift Cards.

A gift card to a local super market like Trader Joe’s is a welcome break from the usual dining hall fare.  Or, treat them to a complimentary movie night, the perfect way to unwind after a stressful weekend of studying.  Check out Costco® for a discounted bundle pack of movie tickets and the college’s student discount program for more gift ideas.

Printed pictures from home.

With all of our photos on our phones these days, printed photos are something of a rarity.  Toss in a few family pictures into the box along with a handwritten note as a small reminder of life back home.

Extra Supplies.

One can never have enough post-its, highlighters, or ink cartridges in college. Send your undergrad extra supplies so they are prepped for their next all night study session. Ink and toner can especially be expensive. You can save yourself money by getting compatibles that work just as well as brand name cartridges.  If you are looking for a reliable inkjet printer that produces great photos, consider the HP® ENVY® Photo 7155.  Pick it up on Amazon and when you are running low on ink – LD Products sells replacement compatible cartridges for $23.99 apiece!

College care packages can be fun to put together and are eagerly anticipated in the college mail room.  No matter what you include, it will brighten their day.  Care to share your own college care package ideas?  Drop us a line in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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