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Creative Ways to Find Your “Lightbulb” Moment

Creative Ways to Find Your “Lightbulb” Moment

My Own Stationery has conducted a study into the situations in which people feel their most inspired in the pursuit of better creative thought. Surveying over 100 creative professionals across the UK, they sought to find out if there were more common situations, such as being inside or outside, and being with company, which could inspire creativity.

The personalized notebook online retailer, based in Carryduff, Northern Ireland, has found that most people feel most creative when outside, relaxing, by themselves.

In particular, set designer, Anne Atkins, who worked on Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel , commented, “I find nothing less inspiring than looking at a blank artboard on my computer screen. I really need to get out and about — start rooting through flea markets for treasure.” 64% of people feel more inspired while alone, rather than with people.

Interestingly, these findings reveal glaring faults with the popular group brainstorming methods implied in schools and workplaces everywhere. Rather than conversation and cooperation, it would seem most people have their finest brain waves while alone in independent thoughts. Moreover, only 28% of people felt most creative when speaking aloud, whether alone or with others, again highlighting how the standard style of brainstorming may not be the best way to trigger inspiration.

It was also found that 59% of respondents said that they felt more creative while relaxing, bolstering the idea that we need time to relax and rejuvenate in order to do our best work.

Moreover, this reveals just how important time away from the workplace is for those in creative industries or whose work depends on innovative, creative thinking.

“It’s extremely interesting to see that most people actually find their creativity away from offices, in solitude,” says Lorraine Kelly at My Own Stationery. “While in the office, of course, we hope that notebooks can be a useful creative outlet for anyone brainstorming or hoping for their next eureka moment.”

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This is a guest post by Laura McLoughlin.  She writes for My Own Stationery, a leading personalized stationery e-seller based in Northern Ireland. At over 100 years old, they have considerable manufacturing experience in the making of paper stationery products, and are dedicated to eco-friendly production with Swan label, FSC and PEFC certification.

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