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How to Expand Your Network on Linkedin

How to Expand Your Network on Linkedin

While your presence on social media and your business website are likely to generate customer leads, Linkedin is an online social network that is targeted toward professional contact. Having a larger network on Linkedin can make you more likely to be considered for the job when others are seeking professional services that you can offer. By making connections with those in your field and creating a wider network on Linkedin, you’ll increase your profile visibility and help push your resume to the top of the employer’s list. You’ll find that expanding your network on Linkedin requires little time and effort.

Promote Yourself

Include links to your Linkedin profile page from your website and from all of your online social media accounts, such as your Facebook page, Twitter account, and Google + account. The easier it is for your site visitors and social media followers to find and visit your linkedin account, the faster your network grows.

Invite Everyone You Know

A first-degree connection is someone who is already in your network. By inviting as many of your friends and professional acquaintances as possible to join your network, you expand your potential to connect with a greater number of people whom you might not already know. Also, be sure to accept invitations to join other professionals’ networks on Linkedin.

Make Connections

When you come across professionals that you feel should be in your network, send them an invitation to join your Linkedin network. Second-degree connections are those connections that you find because they are connected to your first-degree connections. Click “connect” or send them a message introducing yourself to join their networks. Third-degree connections are connections that are connected to your second-degree connections; again, click “connect” or send an Inmail to begin communicating.

Join or Start a Group

Linkedin groups are platforms for Linkedin members to discuss certain topics. Joining a group lets you virtually meet other like-minded professionals who are in similar fields and may be interested in your services at some point. If you have the time, you can also start and manage your own group. Your investment can lead to big returns in terms of reputation and connections.

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