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How to Install the HP® 65 / 65XL Ink Cartridge

How to Install the HP® 65 / 65XL Ink Cartridge

The HP 65 cartridges series has been on the market for about a year now and continues to gain popularity among home printer consumers.  These cartridges work in a number of reasonably priced inkjets printers, consistently delivering quality black and white text and vivid color prints.  HP sells both a black and tri-color cartridge in a standard yield and high yield, or XL cartridge size.  If you print regularly, we recommend going with the high yield cartridge since it offers more than double the prints of a standard cartridge.  Combo packs are also available for a slightly cheaper price than buying the cartridges individually.

Technical Specs:

HP 65 Standard Black (N9K02AN)
Page yield: approx. 120 pages
Color: Black
OEM ink type: pigmented

HP 65 Standard Tri-Color (N9K01AN)
Page yield: approx. 100 pages
Color: Tri-color Cyan, Magenta and Yellow
OEM ink type: dye based

HP 65XL High Yield Black (N9K04AN)
Page yield: up to 300 pages
Color: Black
OEM ink type: pigmented

HP 65XL High Yield Tri-Color (N9K03AN)
Page yield: up to 300 pages
Color: Tri-color Cyan, Magenta and Yellow
OEM ink type: dye based

Printers That Use the HP 65 Cartridge

Within the last year, HP revamped their Deskjet printer line, offering a new generation of compact, low cost printers designed with smartphone users in mind.  Wireless print, scan and copy features come standard and at a low initial price point and they are a reasonable choice for homes or small offices that print seldomly.  If you regularly print at a high volume, you may want to consider a different printer series (like one of these ink efficient printers), since cartridge cost can add up quickly.  HP recently added two new printers to the line, the HP Deskjet 2652 and the HP Deskjet 2655, which due to a simplified design, are intended to target empty nesters and multi-generational households. For a complete list of printers that work with the HP 65 cartridge series, see the list below:

Installing the HP 65/65XL

Installing the HP 65 is similar to installing the HP 61, 62, and 63, 64 and 67 cartridges. Don’t mistake this as a sign of interchangeability though. Let me emphasize: the HP 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 and 67 are NOT interchangeable. Here’s a video that illustrates how to install the HP 65 on the HP DeskJet 2655 printer.

Ways to Save on HP 65 Cartridges

If you are printing on a budget, shop around for less expensive cartridge options.  A set of original brand HP ink cartridges costs almost as much as the printer.  You can keep costs down by switching to more affordable alternatives from a reputable supplier like LD Products to ensure you get the same quality print output as name brand cartridges. Affordable HP 65 high yield black cartridge replacements are available for just $24.99*, $26.99 for tri-color HP 65XL cartridges.














Now that you are more familiar with the basics of  HP 65 series, installing your next set of cartridges should be easy.  We hope this quick guide was informative.  If you have any questions or any suggestions on something you would like to see covered on the HP 65…let us know!

*Savings based on price comparison between remanufactured/compatible cartridge prices on and OEM cartridge and printer prices from Staples. All prices effective as of June 1, 2021.  OEM names are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are not affiliated with, and do not endorse LD Products.



  • can my hp 2652 take a hp61 cartridge?

    • Hi Jean,

      Unfortunately the HP 61 cartridge will not work in your HP 2652 all-in-one. You will need to purchase an HP 65 cartridge. Although the HP 61 cartridges and the HP 65 cartridges look similar, they have unique chips that only read in specific printers. If you were to put an HP 61 cartridge in your printer, it would not read properly. Hope this helps!

  • So, the HP 65 and HP 65XL cartridges are interchangeable?

    • Yes, the HP 65 and HP 65XL are interchangeable The HP 65 is the standard version of the cartridge and the 65XL is the high yield version. Both cartridges are the exact same size, the only difference is that the 65XL is filled with more ink, offering you more prints.

  • Can I use hp 65 ink in hp2622 model

    • Hi Sarvesh,

      Unfortunately you cannot use HP 65 cartridges in the HP Deskjet 2622. It looks like it is an international printer, which takes the HP 803 ink cartridge series:

    • I buy hp deskjet 2622 and they used ink catridge 65,how that can be used?

    • I also have HP 2622 and also use the HP65. It is an updated cartridge and I do not know if it can be refilled in Costco or any other refiller.

    • Is it an OEM HP or an aftermarket cartridge? I’m sure you can refill the OEM.

  • Hello
    I have a Hp 2652 and I cannot get the new hp 65 to go in. Now what?

    • This cartridge is not the easiest to install since the cartridges are back so far in the printer. Make sure the cartridge is lined up properly with the cartridge slot, try angling the cartridge up very slightly and then gently push it into the slot. Hope this helps!

    • I have a hp 2652 trying to replace the ink cartridges, I cant get the new in, not only that I cant even get the old ones back in, the new cartridge I bought in a hp 65 black noir

  • can my HP 3830 use 65xl?

    • Hi Esther,

      HP 65XL cartridges will not work in an HP Officejet 3830 printer. The 3830 printer only works with the HP 63 or HP 63XL ink cartridge series. Although the 65s look similar, they are outfitted with a different contact chip that is not compatible with your printer series. Hope this helps!

  • black cartridge did not last long at all———but the bottom of the cartridge show ink–but it wont print and show’s error?—–

  • Have HP2600 when I ordered new cartridges I was told HP65. When I installed the light jst keeps blinking and nothing will print but if I take the blk cartridge out the tri color will work.

    • Hi Charlene,

      It sounds like it could be a recognition error with that new cartridge. On the side of the cartridge you’ll see some gold/copper dots. These are the connection points that communicate with the printer and sometimes if residue or finger print oil gets on those contact points it can give a recognition error on your printer. Try cleaning the contacts with a q-tip or lint free cloth. Then power down the printer, unplug it from the wall for about a minute and then power it back up. This could get the cartridge working again. If you still have trouble, you might just have a defective cartridge which is rare, but can happen from time to time.

  • HP can make a cartridge that is universal for their printers. You by a printer use hp 60, 61,62 63 or 65. They should all be able to be interchangeable. Why if I have a printer that stop working, I buy another printer and old cartridges don’t work. It’s like buying a car and you have to search all over to put gas in it. Gas is gas. Cartridges should be Cartridges. UNFAIR HP. I like your printers. But will definitely reconsider buying another one.

  • I have a hp envy 5055. I reloaded the OEM hp-65 with 3 ml hp ink. Now the printer indicates no black ink. The printer prints the status report in black ink but nothing else will print in black ink. How can I reset the ink level status?

    • The only way to reset ink levels is to get a new cartridge which comes with a new chip. The ink levels are reset when it detects a new chip.

  • Can i use my 63 si instead 65xl to my printwr 2600 series?

    • No. If your printer uses the HP 65 series, you should replace it only with an HP 65/65XL cartridge. Hope this helps!

  • I bought one of your LD 63XL ink cartridge that was compatible to my HP Office jet 3830 printer but it wouldn’t accept it. As a matter of fact I tried 2 of them and neither one of them were accepted. Why won’t they work?

    • What error messages are you getting? Or is your printer not printing anything on the paper at all?

  • I have a HP DeskJet 1112 Printer. I accidentally purchased the 65 Tri-color and 65 Black ink cartridges, but I see it came with 63. I get an error message when using the 65, so are 63 and 65 not interchangeable for this printer? Can I return this?

    • Hi Jenna,

      The HP 63 and HP 65 are not interchangeable. You should be able to return the cartridges. Did you buy them from LD?


  • I have a HP ENVY 5030 I purchased a 63 by accident and it uses a 65 I’m pretty sure. Can I not use the 63?

    • Hi Jen,

      Unfortunately the HP 63 and HP 65 are not interchangeable. They do look similar but the cartridges have different smart chips, so if you install the incorrect one in your printer, it won’t read properly and you won’t be able to print. I looked up the HP Envy 5030 and it appears to be only available in the UK. Are you able to double check your printer model? Then, I’d be happy to confirm what cartridges will work in your machine. Thank you!!

  • Hi! I saw your video very helpful. Can I use hp 65 to my HP deskjet 2620? Thank you soo much for your help.

    • Hi Ems,

      Just curious…what country did you purchase your printer in? I looked up the Deskjet 2620 and it appears that the cartridge series compatibility can change depending on what region the printer was purchased in. The HP 65s are probably the correct cartridge series for you, but I wanted to double check with you about the printer model first. Thanks!!

  • Hi I would like to print in black and white only
    I have a HP 5055 and use an I Pad only how do I set printer for black only

    • Hi Joan,

      I was able to find instructions for the HP Envy Photo 6255, which should be a similar process to your Envy 5055. When you pull up a document to print, go into “printer properties” and look for the “paper quality” tab. There, you will find a drop down menu labeled “print in grayscale”. Select “black ink only” and select “Ok”. Hope this helps!

  • Have new Envy5055. BB sold me new HP 65 cartridge N9K02A. Is this the correct printer cartridge. Saw you instillation video
    but still having problem finding way to open printer to insert cartridge. Please help WRW

    • Hi Walker,

      Yes, the Envy 5055 uses the HP 65 cartridge series. The cartridge carrier that holds the printer cartridges is located underneath the scanner unit for that printer. To access, just lift up on the scanner unit. You can find complete installation instructions on page 38 of the HP Envy 5055 user manual here:

  • how do I remove plastic casing for ink

  • PLEASE HELP!! I have been trying and trying to get the ink cartridges in my printer. I have the HP 65 b/w & the HP 65 tri color cartridges that I am trying to install in my HP Deskjet 2652 printer. I cannot get them popped in and be secure, they fall back out. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I have watched the video on how to install the ink cartridge, but I still am having no success. Please help. Thank you.

  • I have installed a new ink cartridge and cannot get the printer to scan the alignment sheet. When I remove the ink and reinsert it or shut the printer off and turn back on it just continues to print more alignment sheets.

  • can i use a 63 cartridge for a deskjet 3755?

    • No, the DeskJet 3755 only uses HP 65 ink cartridges.

  • My old printer has died and will cost more to repair than to buy a new one. Unfortunately, I have a stockpile of 60XL ink cartridges in black and tri-color. I cannot seem to find any new HP printers that use this ink and I hate to lose all the money spent on ink. Are you aware of any printer that will use these?

    • It would depend on when you bought them, maybe you can return them to the store you got them from. Are they OEM or aftermarket LD cartridges? HP no longer produces new printers that use the 60s but it’s still a cartridge a lot of people use. See if you can return them. If they’re unopened and within 60-90 days since purchase date, you might be able to return them. If you’ve had them for awhile, it would be helpful to know for how long. If it’s been sitting unused for extended periods of time, there’s a good chance the ink has already dried up anyway.

  • I just purchased two HP Envy 5014 printers and notice they use the new HP 65 ink cartridges. Will these new generation printers work with after market ink cartridges? Serial number is th99c991ho and th99c9916k. Thank you

    • Yes they will! Give it a try and let me know how things go or if you need further assistance ([email protected]).

  • Hi! May I use hp 60 instead of hp 63 to my deskjet1110? Thank you

    • Hi April,

      Unfortunately you cannot. Even though those cartridges look identical, the gold contact chips on the cartridges that communicate with the printer are different so they are not interchangeable. The Deskjet 1110 only works with the HP 63 or HP 63XL cartridge series.

  • I have an HP DeskJet 2752 printer – just purchased. It calls for the HP 67 cartridge but I am having a difficult time finding. What other cartridges may work in it?

    • Hi Ned, I am not able to find an HP DeskJet 2752 printer on HP’s website. Would you mind double checking your printer model? I was able to find a HP DeskJet 2652, which takes the HP 65 series. Thank you!!

    • Same problem here and not even HP can identify it.
      It advertized for free 2 months instant ink, but since they know nothing about it, it’s been a nightmare!
      I Purchased mine from Walmart, and

  • So 65xl cant be used in the HP ENVY PHOTO 7858? Or can it ? Or do I have to stick with 64?

    • Hi Vicki, unfortunately you cannot use an HP 65 cartridge with your Envy 7858, only the 64 series will work. Even though the 65s look the same as the 64s, they will not be accepted by the printer because they are outfitted with a different chip and won’t be recognized.

  • Hi, is it possible to have a list of HP printer series and all the compatible cartridges that each one uses?

    • We actually have a list you might find helpful. I’ll send you an email shortly.

  • Just replaced the black 65 with a black 65xl in a deskjet 2652 and after troubleshooting it says the cartridge cannot be read.Please help if you can,thx

    • Hi Barry, try cleaning the gold contact points with a lint-free cloth, sometimes dust or finger print oil can get on the contacts and cause a faulty reading. You can also try doing a hard reset – with the cartridges installed, power down the printer and unplug it from the wall for about a minute. Then plug it back in, power it back up and try printing again. If neither of these options work, it could just be a bad cartridge and you may need to get a replacement. Most cartridges come with a warranty. You can contact HP or the store where you got the cartridge from to see if it qualifies.

  • Completely awful design on the labeling this product. One should not have to refer to a video to install a cartridge !

  • Hi Yes I Got A Question I Have A Hp Deskjet 2752 Printer.Can I Use 65 On A deskjet 2752 Model.

  • Will 65xl ink work on my HP DeskJet 2640 printer, and if it does, unfortunately it won’t work correctly.

    • Hi Leslie, yes the HP 65XL series is compatible with your Deskjet 2640. If you are getting an error message after installing the cartridges you can try cleaning the gold contacts on the cartridges and reinstalling. To do this, remove the cartridges and use a lint-free cloth to gently clean the gold contact points on the end of the cartridge. Then reinstall and try printing again. Hope this helps!

  • I have a HP photosmart A310 can i use 65 since you no longer make 110

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