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How to Install Epson 702 Cartridges

How to Install Epson 702 Cartridges

Learn how to change Epson 702 ink cartridges in your WorkForce printer.

Epson 702 ink cartridges are easy to install, offering quality color prints for any home office or small business.  Here, we show you how to install the Epson 702 series in just a few short steps and offer a few helpful cartridge care tips too.  These cartridges are compatible with the WorkForce WF-3720 and the WorkForce WF-3730 series, two compact printers that feature fast print speeds and powerful printing performance for less than $150.  In this guide we will be reviewing the installation steps for the WF-3730, but the steps are identical if you own a WF-3720.

Jump straight to our installation video directly below, or keep reading to learn more about the ink and we will walk you through the installation!



Epson 702 Cartridge Specs

The Epson 702 cartridge series are available in two sizes, a standard yield or high yield or XL size.  Original Epson high yield cartridges are slightly more expensive than the standard yield since they are filled with more ink, but they end up offering a better overall value if you print frequently.  The related Workforce printers require four individual ink cartridges (black / cyan / magenta / yellow) and the cartridges are filled with pigment-based ink, which offers a quicker dry-time and can resist fading.

Epson 702XL High Yield Black Ink Cartridge (T702XL120-S)

Page yield: approx. 1,100 pages

Ink type:  pigment-based

Epson 702XL High Yield Cyan Ink Cartridge (T702XL220-S)

Page yield: approx. 950 pages

Ink type:  pigment-based

Epson 702XL High Yield Magenta Ink Cartridge (T702XL320-S)

Page yield: approx. 950 pages

Ink type:  pigment-based

Epson 702XL High Yield Yellow Ink Cartridge (T702XL420-S)

Page yield: approx. 950 pages

Ink type:  pigment-based


Epson 702 Cartridge Installation Steps

First, take the new cartridge out of the box and remove the plastic wrap.  We recommend doing this over a trash can, as some ink may escape from the cartridge.

Gently remove the yellow tab on the side of the cartridge and discard it.  Removing this will expose the vent hole on the cartridge so it can function properly in your printer.

While you are preparing the cartridge, try to avoid touching the gold contact points.  If fingerprint oil or residue gets on these contacts you may get a faulty reading in your printer.  You can clean the contact points with a lint-free cloth.

A message will appear on your printer’s display if a cartridge needs to be replaced.  To start the replacement process, select “Next”.

Then select “Yes, replace cartridge now”.

Select “Next”.

Then, open up the top scanner to reveal the printer cartridges.

Wait for the cartridges to center, then gently pull up on the spent cartridge to remove it from the printer.  You might need to wiggle the cartridge to get it out of the printer.

Then, slide the new cartridge into that empty slot.

Press down on the cartridge so it clicks into place.

Select “Complete”.

A confirmation message will appear on your printer’s display.  Select “OK” and you can start printing with your new cartridge!

Ways to Save on Epson Ink

Original Epson ink can get expensive.  If you are looking to save money, consider purchasing compatible Epson 702 XL ink cartridges from LD Products!  Our cartridges install just as easily as the original brand and they offer a comparable ink capacity and print results too.  Best of all, each cartridge is backed by a lifetime guarantee!  Our Epson 702XL black compatible cartridge is available for just $13.99 and each color cartridge is  $10.99.

We hope you’ve found this installation guide informative!  If you have any questions about the installation process or about your Epson 702 ink cartridges, please reach out to us, we’d be happy to help!

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