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How to Install Epson® 802 Ink Cartridges

How to Install Epson® 802 Ink Cartridges

The Epson® 802 ink cartridge series offer sharp text and vibrant color prints for everyday small business users.  Released within the last year, these cartridges work with a few of the newer model Workforce Pro® printers, including the WorkForce Pro WF-4720, WorkForce Pro WF-4730, WorkForce Pro WF-4734 and WorkForce Pro WF-4740.  In this short guide, we will break down the cartridge series, provide a quick overview of compatible printers, provide lower cost ink replacement alternatives to pricey Epson cartridges, and cover installation steps for one of the lower priced models, the Workforce Pro WF-4720.  Let’s begin!

Compatible Printers

Epson 802 / 802XL ink cartridges are compatible with select WorkForce Pro printers which are built for small business, offering fast color print speeds, a generous paper capacity and easy to use print/scan/fax features.  Suitable for 5-10 users, every printer is wireless ready and includes a 50-sheet automatic document feeder. The 802 series works with the following WorkForce Pro models:

  • WorkForce Pro WF-4720
  • WorkForce Pro WF-4730
  • WorkForce Pro WF-4734
  • WorkForce Pro WF-4740

How to Install Epson 802 Ink Cartridges

Our short Epson 802 cartridge installation video is directly below.  Or, continue reading to learn more about the 802 cartridge series and it’s compatible printers!

Replacing an Epson 802 Ink Cartridge

The following installation steps are for the Workforce Pro WF-4720.  We recommend consulting your specific printer’s user guide if you own a different Workforce printer model; however, the steps should be similar to other Epson machines.

  1. Start the replacement process by selecting “Maintenance”>”Ink cartridge replacement”>”Next”> and “Start”.
  2. Carefully lift up the entire scanner unit and wait for the carriage to center. You can take out the cartridge you need to replace by gently squeezing the tab and lifting up and out from the printer.
  3. Open up your brand new cyan cartridge. I like to prep new cartridges over a trashcan because sometimes a little bit of ink can escape when I am unwrapping them.  The first thing you will want to remove the orange tape on the bottom of the cartridge.  Gently pull on the tape to remove, this will expose the vent hole on the cartridge so it can work properly in your machine.  Be sure to avoid touching the gold contact chip when handling the new cartridge.  This chip is very sensitive and it may not read properly if residue or fingerprint oil gets on those contact points.
  4. Install the cyan cartridge. The “C” on the cartridge should line up with the “C” in the machine.  When we tried installing this cartridge, we noticed that the cartridge fit seemed a bit snug.  This is normal, the cartridge should fit as expected, just line it up in the slot and gently press on it so that it clicks in place.
  5. Close up the top cover and we are ready to start printing.

Epson 802 / 802XL Ink Cartridge Specs

The 802 cartridges series are sold in black, cyan, magenta and yellow.  Epson offers them in a standard and high yield, or 802XL cartridge size.  If you print regularly, you are better off going with the XL cartridge, giving you a better overall value due to the higher print capacity.  All of the cartridges contain pigment-based ink, which offer a crisp finish and quicker dry-time compared to dye-based cartridges.  Each cartridge can be replaced as needed, which should help space out replacement costs overtime.  We’ve listed the page yield of each cartridge below.  Keep in mind that cartridge page yield is just an approximation of printed pages.  The page yield for any ink cartridge is given at a standard 5% coverage, or printed pages where only 5% of the page has been imprinted with ink, so yield results will vary across users!

Epson 802 Black Cartridge (T802120)

  • Page yield: approx. 900 pages
  • OEM ink type: pigmented

Epson 802 Cyan Cartridge (T802220)

  • Page yield: approx.  650 pages
  • OEM ink type: pigmented

Epson 802 Magenta Cartridge (T802320)

  • Page yield: approx.  650 pages
  • OEM ink type: pigmented

Epson 802 Yellow Cartridge (T802420)

  • Page yield: approx.  650 pages
  • OEM ink type: pigmented

Epson 802XL High Yield Black Cartridge (T802XL120-S)

  • Page yield: approx.  2,600 pages
  • OEM ink type: pigmented

Epson 802XL High Yield Cyan Cartridge (T802XL220)

  • Page yield: approx.  1,900 pages
  • OEM ink type: pigmented

Epson 802XL High Yield Magenta Cartridge (T802XL320)

  • Page yield: approx.  1,900 pages
  • OEM ink type: pigmented

Epson 802XL High Yield Yellow Cartridge (T802XL420)

  • Page yield: approx.  1,900 pages
  • OEM ink type: pigmented

How to Save on Epson 802 Ink Replacements

Ink cartridges can get expensive.  To save money, consider buying compatible Epson 802XL ink cartridge replacements by LD Products at prices that are 50% lower than original Epson cartridges. You can get a compatible black 802 standard yield ink replacement for only $15.99 (47% less than an original Epson 802 black) and high yield versions of the color 802XL ink for only $14.99 a piece (that’s 50% less than each original Epson 802XL color cartridge)!  A high yield option for the black cartridge will be available soon.

We hope you’ve found this installation guide useful!  If you have any questions about installing Epson 802s or any Epson ink cartridge, leave us a note in the comments. Happy printing!



  • Do you have an ETA for the 802 replacement cartridges?

  • I had no problems with original installation of ink cartridges on my new WF-4730 printer. I have replaced with genuine Epsom 802 cartridges and keep getting Maintenance error stating Ink cartridge detected. Printer already initialized. Then states to install a replacement cartridge. I have tried turning off printer and pulling electrical cord. Is there telephone support for this problem?

    • Hi Dan,

      There could be an issue with the chip on the cartridge recognizing in your printer. You might try wiping down that gold contact chip with a lint-free cloth or Q-tip and then reinstall the cartridge. Sometimes dust can get on the contact points and cause a faulty reading in your machine. If that doesn’t work, there is a chance you could have a faulty cartridge. If you purchased the cartridge from Epson you might try reaching out to them to see if it’s covered by their warranty.

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