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How to Print from an iPhone and Android Phone

How to Print from an iPhone and Android Phone

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way people store their most essential personal items. Many people today keep the majority of their photographs on mobile devices, stored either in their photo library or collected on apps like Instagram. Necessary documents can go with you anywhere, anytime, thanks to cloud data storage, which makes quickly accessing relevant documents from anywhere quick and easy. Nowadays, if you can access WiFi or a strong 4G signal, you can be instantly transported to your office from anywhere in the world.

It’s no surprise that the convenience of mobile technology is changing the way people print as well. Having the world at your fingertips comes with perks, but sometimes you want to have a physical copy of something, whether it be an extra special snapshot, a resume, or a document you want safely tucked in your records.

In keeping with the times, new printers come preinstalled with software designed to make printing a breeze from a range of different tablets and smartphones. Many newer models don’t even require additional apps or software to work; you can just print directly using Apple’s AirPrint or Google Print technology. How you get started may vary between manufacturers, however, and knowing where to start means less troubleshooting down the line.

How to Print From iPhone to HP Printer

HP printers come with proprietary software designed to connect any mobile device to your printer effortlessly. The setup process is straight forward as well, as is outlined in this convenient setup walkthrough tutorial:

  • Select your device from the available options: Apple, Android, Windows, Google Chrome, Amazon.
  • Connect your device to the same wireless network as your printer. If that option isn’t available, HP printer models feature HP Wireless Direct printing options, which connect your device directly to the printer using WiFi without contacting the router or network.

AirPrint — Using AirPrint to connect your Apple devices to AirPrint-ready HP printers is effortless. Thanks to the preinstalled software, you don’t need to download or set anything up. Once your device and printer are connected on the same network, you:

  • Open the page or content that you want to print on your device and tap the “Share” button.
  • Select the “Print” icon.
  • Print!

Chrome Print — Google On The GO printing connects your Chromebook or any other device with a Chrome OS browser to your HP printer from anywhere. Once you’ve registered your printer to Google Cloud Print, the next step is easy:

  • Open the Cloud Print app
  • Select the content you wish to print in your Chrome browser or compatible app. When the print dialog opens up, it will often automatically be set to save your page/document as a PDF. Select the “Change” prompt below this option to select your printer.
  • Choose your Google Cloud printer. Keep in mind, you may have previously connected printers and/or local network options listed, so be sure that you select your printer here.
  • Tap “Print” and collect up your pages at your leisure.

If you have any additional questions, check out the HP page here.

Windows — When using windows mobile devices, the process is the same as AirPrint except you select “Devices” in step one, then choose your networked printer. Super simple! More info available on the HP website here.

How to Print From Android to HP Printer

Android — Connect your Android device with your HP printer in four easy steps:

  • Set up your device for wireless printing by going to the Google Play Store and installing the HP Print Service plugin. Once installed, make sure it’s toggled on and enabled for printing.
  • Open up your photo or browser and select the “Print” option in the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner. HP offers a convenient visual guide here.
  • Select your printer from the list of networked printers
  • Print!

How to Print From iPhone to Canon Printer

Setting up your Canon printer for wireless printing from any device is super easy as well. Many Canon printers come preinstalled with AirPrint and Google Drive Print, too. The Canon app offers users a range of additional perks, from the ability to print photos right after they’re taken to multiple-photo printing and more. You can also configure detailed print settings such as color mode, number of pages, and 2-sided printing in the app. Installing the app is pretty straight forward:

  • Connect your device with the network
  • Go to the iTunes or Google Play app store and select the Canon app. Download and install it onto your device.
  • Open the document or image you want to send to your printer and select print. This option will open up a print preview, which gives you a range of configuration options to customize your print.  
  • On the print preview section of Canon Mobile Printing, select “Printer.” This option will give you a list of networked printers to choose from. If your printer isn’t listed, you can also manually search for it. More detailed info and troubleshooting are available on Canon’s website here.
  • Tap print.

The Canon mobile printing app is highly versatile and allows you to customize your print options with ease. I recommend looking over Canon’s description of each feature available, as well as the detailed information on use, to get the most of this app. For Canon printers preinstalled with AirPrint or Google Drive Print, the process is nearly identical to the one described above for HP.

The steps are similar when printing from an android phone to a Canon printer.

How to Print From iPhone to Epson Printer

Epson’s software solutions for wirelessly connecting mobile devices to their printers are called Epson Connect. Each is designed for specific tasks, easy to use, easy to install, and offers you instant access to printing on most newer Epson models.

Connect with Epson to upload apps designed for your mobile device, or select an app designed by Epson to make a particular business task easier, such as email, creative printing for images, remote printing, scanning, or general “printing” which covers elements from all of the above.

Here is a full list of available software, as well as how you can get started. Click on each option to get a rundown on what the app does, as well as easy installation guides, features, and specifications.

The steps should be the same when printing from an android phone to an Epson printer.

How to Print From iPhone to Brother Printer

Brother offers several options for direct-to-mobile printing, depending on which device you choose to connect. Depending on which mobile device you choose to connect to your printer, several apps and software connections are available for free (a full list for each mobile device brand is available on the brother website here). Most new Brother printers feature pre-installed AirPrint and Google Drive Print software, which accesses the printer via shared network access.

Brother iPrint&Scan is a free app that works with Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad, as well as Windows Phones, and the Brother iPrint&Label add on connects Android phones and Kindle products for free as well. Each helps manage documents for printing and makes a range of document types and apps available for printing quickly and easily.

Check out the Best Mobile Printers article next!

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  • I can print photos from my Android to a HP printer but they are A4 size. Is it possible to select multiple photos and have them all print on one sheet of A4 instead of separate sheets?

    • Hi Alan, you might try downloading a photo editing app to your Android that can combine multiple photos into a collage format, then save the collage to your phone and send it to your printer. Hope this helps!

  • When printing from my phone to hp printer, only a portion of image prints full size on the page. How do I print the entire image?

    • I have not had this problem before but I imagine if you’re able to locate print settings on your phone, there should be a setting where you can make adjustments. Here’s a thread you might find useful if what you have is an iphone:

  • I would like to use the Selphy printer at an event where wifi will not be available but we’d like to set up a selfie station. Is it possible to connect it to my iPad without wifi access? Does it connect through bluetooth?

    • You should be able to connect the two via AirPrint.

  • I have the app and been able to connect with my google drive, but it isn’t showing me any of the documents that I have created either in pages or numbers, can anyone tell me why and what do I need to do so that I can print those documents. Thanks!

  • I got a hp printer I don’t have a wifi network I use mobile data and the printer air printed and photocopied the first day but the next day it asked for a password locked itself then the power light just flashed when I pressed it the machine turned off I didn’t set a password so thought my neighbour hacked my printer but he said he had a printer and you have to go online to find the passoword as it auto generates a password so no one can use the unsecured printer when it appears in the printers list as I don’t have a landline or home wifi I have no network to connect it to also the hp app wouldn’t download on my iPhone 5 as it needs ios12 I can only get ios10 the hp all on one printer didn’t have a USB cable so I couldn’t connect it off line and it won’t even photocopy now it’s locked itself there is no reset button so I wasted £50 on a useless printer now I can’t find a standalone wired non wifi network needed photocopier or a wired printer that just prbits or just photocopies when you press a button everything for sale needs a network and an app surely I can’t be the only person alive with no home wifi ??

  • How do I sync my iPhone to my hp printer 7520. When I go to Bluetooth, it just keeps spinning when looking for another device.

    • As long as your HP printer and your iphone are on the same wireless network you should be able to print from your iPhone without worrying about Bluetooth. You can also download the HP smart app from the app store and try printing through that if you are having trouble printing directly from the phone.

  • I have a Canon Pixma MP237, I was wondering if this printer can work as a wireless printer and can be printed through phones?


    • Hi Jay, yes, you can print through your Samsung Device on the HP DeskJet 4122e (through bluetooth or wifi connection) even with Apple Air Print pre-installed.

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