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How to Recycle Ink and Toner Cartridges

How to Recycle Ink and Toner Cartridges

Upwards of 375 million ink cartridges yearly find their way in landfills worldwide. That totals out to more than a million cartridges daily or 11 every second of the day from sun-up to sundown. A good amount of this waste is completely unnecessary.  Printer ink cartridges are built to be easily reused and taking a couple extra steps can help minimize waste, shrink your carbon footprint, and help boost your bottom line. Why throw away your empty ink cartridges when you can recycle them (and get paid for it when you do)? Recycling used printer cartridges helps you not only minimize waste, but contributes valuable components to be reused and refilled for remanufactured cartridges—a tested and true way to save money on your home or office printing. How do you get started?

  • Once you’ve collected the empty ink cartridges and small personal electronics you wish to discard, go to to look for the nearest recycling center. You can also drop off your used cartridges at the closest Walgreens®, Costco®, Staples®, Office Depot®, or major office supply store nearest you.
  • You may also want to look into some programs that give you money back for recycling cartridges like Cartridges for Kids, eCycle Group, and Recycle4Charity. The amount you get in return may depend on several factors, including whether the cartridge is an original manufacturer cartridge (OEM), the type of cartridge, and if the cartridge is virgin or non-virgin. Need Empty differentiates between virgin and non-virgin cartridges. See if there’s a recycle list available so you can have a better idea how much your cartridge is worth. Here’s where you can find the price list for the Cartridges for Kids program and the price list for the eCycle Group.
  • In order for your cartridges to be recycled, they need to be received in good condition. Ink cartridges are not easy to make, but refilling them with professional quality ink is easy with the right tools. If you’re planning on sending them to the recycling facility, individually wrap each cartridge to minimize the likelihood they will be damaged in transit. Use bubble wrap or old newspapers to cushion them.
  • If you have an OEM cartridge that you’ve used just once, consider refilling them so there’s less waste. Keep in mind that you can only refill your cartridge a few times.

Recycling cartridges nowadays is easier than ever.  Find an option that’s most convenient for you and get started!!



  • I just purchase Toner Carts by you, though On-Line Walmart, but do not see them in your recycle list or the Original Samsung Carts. Is your recycle list up to date ? And if so, any ideas where I can send these Carts to be recycled. I am not a fan of recycling for just this reason. It is a pain in the lower half to get someone to take stuff.
    Thanks in advance;

    • Hi Robert, thank you for ordering with us through Walmart. Which Samsung cartridge did you purchase? I’d be happy to double check the list for you. Most local office supply stores will accept recycled toner cartridges. Depending on the store, they may be able to offer you some sort of discount in exchange. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • I have only (1) LD-CB436A. I only request FREE RETURN SHIPPING LABEL. Please advise.

    thank you

  • I have a brand new LD Laser Toner Cartridge.
    LD-402888. Can I donate it to someone, and do you know who might take it, or can I return it to you? Would you provide a shipping label to do so?

    • Hi Debra,

      Thanks for asking about cartridge recycling. We do not have the capacity to host recycling services on site, but we recommend visiting to find a recycling facility near you. They feature a recycling locator on their home page that is a great resource.

  • Anybody find a place to recycle non-OEM toner cartridges? I’m only finding links to recyclers that only accept OEM cartridges…as answers to where can I recycle LD cartridges. I’m kinda wondering why LD has a page about recycling if its own cartridges can’t be recycled. If there is a way, please tell us.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      We recommend seeking out any recycling facility that is closest to you. It’s not only better for the environment to recycle your cartridges locally, the benefits of those recycled materials stay in the community too. You can find a number of great options on, just search by material type (ink or toner) and your zipcode. We encourage all of our customers to recycle their used cartridges but unfortunately we do not have the capacity at our facility to host recycling services on site. Hope this helps!

    • I take all mine to the local Office Max stationery store. they take any cartridges in exchange for a discount on purchases. they put it on a card you can use. I am sure if you check with other stationery stores, they will do the same.

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  • I have empty ink cartridges from original company and your company trade,How can I used this back to your company. I order these ink cartridges thru your company.
    Highly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Evelyn Rohrer

  • What do I do with my used cartridges from LD? Is there a monetary benefit in returning empty cartridges to LD?

  • Do you any organization in USA that will take new, used, remanufactured ink, laser or toner cartridges? Don’t want money just have them dispose.

  • Does anyone take used Epson inkjet cartridges?

  • The last time I was at Staples, the staff said they would only take ink cartridges for recycling if I purchased ink there. Office Depot said they would take them from their shopping members. I gather policies are changing, so a call to the stores would be advisable before trying to recycle anything.

  • I have close to 100 empty or used cartridges – collected over the last few years. I just could’t bring myself to throw them in the trash. I found that Office depot will take them – 10/month. I will receive credit on my account. I haven’t checked on amount. They will only take 10 each month.

  • I just bought a new printer and now I have leftover ink cartridges that haven’t been used. Any recommendations as to what to do with them? Recycling doesn’t seem right.

    • I have FIVE 564XL cartridges, NEVER USED, WHICH I BOUGHT FROM YOU FOLKS – 2 Cyan, 1 Black, 1 Yellow, and 1 Magenta. They are still in their little cellophane bags. My old HP printer went completely haywire recently. I now have an HP ENVY PHOTO 6255 and have already bought my cartridges for the new printer FROM YOU FOLKS 64XL’s. I have been very careful with the FULL 564XL’s. Have also tried to contact you folks as to what I should do with them. I don’t think I should throw them away. Would you accept them back?

    • As long as they are sealed and unused, we’ll take them back! Please email me at [email protected] so we can get started with the return.

  • I have used bizhubC364e toner cartridges TN321C; TN321K; TN321Y and TN321M. Are they of any use to anyone

  • How do I track down a Drum Unit that was mistakenly sent with a used toner cartridge #TN-360 for an HL-2140 b&W printer?
    It was a mistake and Now I might have to purchase a new printer. I recycled it at Office Depot in Peoria, IL store about three weeks ago. My name is Judy Gutierrez, 309-370-2703. Thank you.

    • Hi Judy,

      I would suggest contacting the Office Depot you dropped it off at but the odds are slim that they would still have it after three weeks. They have likely recycled it by now. Sorry for the trouble!

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