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How to Work from Home

How to Work from Home

Stay productive with these helpful work from home tips…

As more and more are now working from home, adjusting to a new work routine can be a bit of a difficult transition.  To help make things a little smoother, we have put together some simple work from home tips so you are set up for success.

Keep a daily schedule

Get ready like you are going into the office every day. Wake up at your normal time, change into your usual work attire, drink that morning cup of coffee and schedule your routine like you would in the office.  Following the same daily habits that you had at the office keeps your mind focused and ready to work.

Set up a dedicated workspace

If you are moving from an office, bring home all of the tech and accessories that you use daily so your home workspace feels just like your workplace.  That means your laptop, laptop charger, monitors, mouse, mouse pad, headset and if you can bring it, even your office chair.  Anything that helps you stay in your work mindset should be included.  Try testing out a few different workspace configurations during your first week at home.  A slight change of scenery or simple monitor adjustment can boost productivity.  Remember to keep your workspace tidy too!  We have some great supplies to your help home office stay clean and organized here.

Get the supplies you need to succeed

Your company will gladly let you take home your laptop and a couple of monitors, but they can’t let you bring the entire office home with you. To stay on task, you’ll want to make sure you have all of your workday essentials within arm’s reach. Luckily, LD Products has everything to make your home office complete, including printers, ink cartridges, copy paper, pens, sticky notes and tons of other work from home essentials to get you through the day.

Stay engaged with your team

Working from home can feel isolating.  The daily office chit chat that you took for granted (or relied on for background noise) disappears, making it all the more important to stay engaged with your team while at home.  Use a chat program like Microsoft Teams or Slack for quick and casual conversations.  When certain chat conversations start turning into lengthy novels, jump on a video call to iron out the details.  Seeing and communicating with a coworker face to face can get your point across a lot easier than with emojis!  For video calls, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or GoToMeeting are all great options.  Use these programs to schedule some daily face time with your team to stay in the loop about projects or calls you have scheduled for the day.  Setting time aside to share what you are working on will help you meet your deadlines and encourage collaboration with your team.

Schedule breaks and stretch time

Above all, remember to give yourself a break by going for a walk, doing a quick exercise routine or grabbing a snack.  A bit of fresh air and natural light will keep you sharp throughout the workday!  At the end of the day, separate the home office from the rest of your home so you can “leave work at work” as much as possible.  It’s easy to get pulled back into the job when your laptop is just down the hall, but for your own health and sanity, it’s important to schedule time away.  Try to finish up your day at your normal time.  Inevitably some emails or projects may extend past that time, but non-urgent emails should wait until the following morning.

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