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Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Coworkers with Unique Personalities

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Coworkers with Unique Personalities

The peak holiday season is right around the corner. If you’re like most people, chances are you’re trying to get caught up, picking up gifts for friends and family as the final deadline looms. The spirit of giving is alive and well, but sometimes it’s tough to know what to get for everyone—especially your colleagues in the office!

Rather than risk cluttering your cubicle-mates’ space with random tchotchkes or loading them up with another gift card, why not give them something they can use? Okay, so obviously you don’t want to be pulling boxes of paperclips from your Santa bag. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun and functional solutions, conveniently paired with each personality type in your office. Here are some of our favorites:

Young man drinking coffee in cafe
Coffee Lover. Every department features at least one person who seems to be fueled solely by caffeine. The coffee person on your team may be the person with the biggest mug, always brimming to the top, or they may be more sophisticated about their tastes, choosing unique artisan blends and obscure preparations. Either way, there are benefits to buying them a Chemex® pour over coffee maker. For the coffee guzzler, it offers up a way to make one extra cup at the end of the day without wasting a pot or raiding the K-Cups® organizer, all while customizing the strength and taste qualities to their liking. They are also popular among the artisan crowd as a quick and dirty way to get a good extraction with little fuss. For coworkers who like their coffee extra super-duper fresh, get them this coffee grinder from Mr. Coffee®.

Eco-conscious. Maybe there’s someone in your office that helps organize recycling and keeps track of paper use. If so, they will appreciate something to help them make the world a greener, cleaner place. Check out this stainless steel bento box from Ecolunchbox®, which allows them to bring a full multi-course lunch in separate units without relying on multiple Tupperware® containers (or, worse, disposable bags!). For the next level planeteer, there’s this solar re-charging laptop bag, which uses the power of the sun to recharge mobile devices on the go or you can also gift a solar powered wireless keyboard.

Businessman Watering Plant in an Office Cubicle --- Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis

Businessman Watering Plant in an Office Cubicle — Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis

Green Thumb. Studies show that adding plants to your workspace create a more welcoming and relaxing environment (and can boost productivity in the process). While most folks will keep a small potted plant on their desk to keep them company, others will build a forest of plants around them. Add to their green menagerie with a unique twist on the traditional office plant. Succulents are versatile, low-water plants that engage the eye and look cool.

Mobile Mogul. Smartphone, tablet, work smartphone, laptop—she’s got it all! The tech wizard in your office has a device for each arm on an octopus (with one or two to spare!). All this requires a lot of power and, in many cases, several different chargers so what better gift than a slim portable power bank. Your colleague whose devices are taking over may need a hand keeping all those charger cords in order, which is where this cord organizer comes in handy. It’s compact and useful for the cord king or queen in your cubicle.

Super Organized Coworker. The most organized person in your office is often the toughest to buy gifts for. In a world of products designed to aid the disorganized, what do you get for that person who doesn’t need them? Just because their desk is impeccable doesn’t mean they aren’t open to a little innovation. One great idea from Buzzfeed is hanging clipboards along the wall. These suspended clipboards are great for passing along inspirational messages and keeping to-do lists in your line of sight. This wooden clipboard is made with 100% recycled wood and is a great canvas to start with. They can also be a fashionable addition to your workspace, as shown by the array of different styles, sizes, and patterns available.

Fashionista. Appearances are important to some and of the utmost importance to others. For your colleague who is always organized and dressed in their best, there are desk solutions available as well. Office supplies don’t need to be ugly or utilitarian! Boost the aesthetics in your designer colleague’s desk space with a fancy stapler like this Swingline Optima Electric Stapler. For a fashionably fun approach to desktop decor, check out this Swingline® high heel shoe stapler, perfectly complimented by this elegant Post-It® dispenser—both for less than twenty dollars total.

Proud Parent. Most people want to surround themselves with their family and friends all the time. In the office, this is no different, especially for parents with young kids. Picture frames are a great gift for moms and dads who want to keep their little ones by their side all day long. Most people don’t shoot photos on film anymore, and investing in a photo printer is something many young parents simply can’t afford (though they aren’t expensive nowadays!) Digital photo frames are the perfect solution. They are also super space efficient, as they can rotate through dozens of photos while only taking up the space of one. My personal favorite is this photo cube from Shutterfly® and this 4 Clip Photo Line from Target®.

Sports Fan. He’s got a bobblehead on his desk and crushes everyone else in fantasy sports. He’s got a new jersey for each team pride day, no matter what season it is. He’s your office sports guy, and even if you don’t know a thing about sports, you know what he’s looking for. When shopping for your sports guy, see if his team comes with any Swingline swag like these cool staplers. Or, if you’re feeling a little extra creative, try making one of these great office-sized nerf basketball hoops. Don’t worry, you can buy them readymade for epic dunks, too!

Serial Sloucher. Ergonomics have been a big thing in office culture for some years now. Quite a few options are available to workers looking to have a more comfortable work experience. If you have a colleague who spends their day all curled up like a jumbo shrimp, look into getting this monitor riser from The Container Store®. This product changes the height of your line of vision and promotes good posture. Pair one with a good back support and you’re on the way to better back health. Chiropractors of the world will thank you!

Holiday gift giving can mean more in your office than exchanging Starbucks® gift cards. Selecting something useful to fit your colleague’s personality and work-style makes the whole process fun without adding to clutter. Got any other great office gifts? Drop us a comment below with some of your favorite ideas!

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