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How to Protect Your Business’s Online Reputation

How to Protect Your Business’s Online Reputation
  1. Don’t overlook the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation. Do what you can to please customers or be prepared for negative reviews to start appearing online. Remember – all the negative things people say about your business are likely to appear when someone searches for your business’s name.
  2. Be proactive about what people are saying about you online. Monitor your company’s search results daily for any negative reviews relating to your business.
  3. If someone is saying negative things about your business, try to contact them directly. Open a dialogue with them and try to win back their trust, with the ultimate aim being the removal of the negative review. To accomplish this, you may have to offer the customer some incentives such as price discount or free shipping offer.
  4. Delivering regular press releases is a good strategy for promoting the positive aspects about your business while pushing down negative reviews in the search results.
  5. Leverage social media to bypass what other people are saying about you and to take searchers directly to your site. Social media sites will allow you to communicate directly with your fan base, avoiding any potential misunderstanding or conflict. By keeping your Facebook page active with giveaways, contests and fresh content, you’ll create a positive and engaged fan base, as well as garner “likes” and appreciative comments to prove that a majority of people are satisfied with your business operations.

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