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School Supplies Checklist for College

School Supplies Checklist for College

It is easy to overlook school supplies when dorm room essentials are understandably top of mind for most incoming college students.  Avoid overpaying for supplies at the campus bookstore and grab everything you need for that first day now so you can spend more time finding the perfect mini fridge.  

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  •         Blue or black pens
  •         Pencils
  •         Mechanical Pencils
  •         Pencil sharpener
  •         Highlighters
  •         Erasers
  •         Three-ring binder
  •         Composition Notebook
  •         Subject dividers
  •         Index cards
  •         Folders
  •         Graphing Calculator
  •         Weekly Planner
  •         Notebook Filler Paper
  •         Sticky Notes
  •         White Out
  •         Stapler
  •         Index Cards
  •         Tape Flags
  •         Printer
  •         Ink Cartridges
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  • Sbould i wait 2 recieve my class syllabus before i purchase my school supplies?

    • I would go ahead and get things like the binder, notebook paper, and stapler. I would wait to buy class specific supplies until the professor says you need them. Often places will suggest things and professors will not use them.

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