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School Supplies Checklist for Middle School and High School

School Supplies Checklist for Middle School and High School

Getting ready for the new school year is a breeze with our handy back to school essentials list.  Designed exclusively for middle school and high school curriculums, this list has everything needed for a successful first day.

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  •         Blue or black pens
  •         Pencils
  •         Mechanical Pencils
  •         Pencil sharpener
  •         Highlighters
  •         Permanent Markers
  •         Erasers
  •         Three-ring binder
  •         Composition Notebook
  •         Subject dividers
  •         Index cards
  •         Folders
  •         Glue
  •         Scissors
  •         Scientific Calculator
  •         Weekly Planner
  •         Notebook Filler Paper
  •         Sticky Notes
  •         White Out
  •         Protractor
  •         Combination Lock
  •         Compass
  •         Personal white board
  •         Dry-erase markers
  •         Stapler

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  • So I’m going to be in 9th grade I was just wounding if this will be the same school List for that grade

    • I believe this is just a general idea of what to get. So me personally would just get what you know the school does not provide or check with your teachers. They normally tell you what supplies you will need.

    • YES! it says for HIGH SCHOOl and MIDDLE SCHOOL

  • This helped a lot

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