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How to Take Your e-Commerce Business to the Next Level

How to Take Your e-Commerce Business to the Next Level

If you want 2014 to be the year your online business reaches new heights, there’s a few strategies you can utilize that will help you do just that. The three proven methods for galvanizing eCommerce success outlined in this article are timeless methods for helping any small online business make a splash.

Branch Out

Many small businesses are run for home, with only two or three people completing necessary tasks. But, as a business’s popularity grows and expands, it can become increasingly challenging to meet demands.

Investing in an office is a big step and one that isn’t always necessary, especially if the business isn’t your full time job. Instead of immediately cutting into profits with an office or building, you can choose to outsource some of your business processing.

If, for instance, your home is becoming overcrowded with boxes of products in your living room, spare bedroom and garage it may be worth considering a bonded warehouse. A bonded warehouse is one managed by either the Government or a private enterprise, and is used for storing imported and dutiable goods without payment of duty. Some companies will store your items in their warehouse and even offer an order-fulfillment service, where they will process, pack and send your goods when an order is received.

Perfect your Site

Many people are still apprehensive about ordering online because they don’t know exactly who they’re giving their financial information to and whether or not the site is secure. You want to alleviate these concerns so potential customers aren’t scared off. To do so, prove that your site can be trusted. By being validated by security software like McAfee Secure, you’ll allow customers to shop with confidence and increase conversions in the process. Additionally, having a TRUSTe online privacy seal will comfort customers who are afraid of disclosing their personal information

Making sure your site is running its best will also improve sales. Optimize your website so the pages load quickly, and check to be certain it is free of spelling errors. A sloppy, slow-loading website with spelling errors will undoubtedly seem suspicious to potential buyers, and they’ll leave for a site they feel comfortable conducting business with.

Consider Giving Your Customers a Mobile Experience

Once you’re happy with your site’s performance, it may be time to consider going mobile. It’s no secret that smartphones and tables are outselling computers at a steady clip and that most young people have their first online experience on a hand-held device. According to, 55 percent of purchases made in Q2 or 2013 were on tablet and mobile devices. So, without a question, online businesses that provide customers with a clean and easy mobile experience stand to benefit tremendously.

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