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8 Things You Should Know About HP® Instant Ink® Before Signing Up

8 Things You Should Know About HP® Instant Ink® Before Signing Up

Subscription-based services seem to be everywhere these days.  From razors to healthy snacks, you can get almost anything regularly delivered to your front door for a monthly fee.

What is HP® Instant Ink®?

The HP Instant Ink program is another monthly service jumping on the subscription bandwagon, and with it they are reinventing the way you buy ink.  HP may be finally offering their ink for a competitive price, but after years of high cartridge prices, some customers are understandably apprehensive. Instead of owning a cartridge outright and printing when needed, Instant Ink requires that you pay to print a predetermined amount of pages each month.

Is it worth it? 

Instant Ink is offered at three different price points1.  The occasional plan goes for $2.99, giving you 50 prints a month. The moderate plan costs $4.99 and gives you 100 printed pages per month.  And the frequent plan is $9.99, giving you 300 prints per month. Regardless if you print in color or black and white, any page that comes out of your printer counts as one print.  Price-wise, a subscription-based ink service looks pretty enticing.  But if you peel back the fine print, dealing with Instant Ink’s rules and regulations may outweigh the convenience of a low monthly cost.

8 Things You Should Know

Here are some of the things you should aware of before signing up for HP’s Instant Ink program.

A printed page may not be what you expect.
HP defines a printed page as “a page upon which any amount of ink is placed by your printer2. Meaning if you print a page with just one line of text on it, it counts towards your monthly total.  By introducing a firm set of print guidelines, customers of this program may want to be mindful of every page that is sent to their printer, especially if they are on a budget. Having minor prints like mailing labels count just as much as a full color photo might put you in a bit of a pickle if you normally don’t think about monthly printing habits.  Customers may also need to factor in for unexpected and unintentional prints like the extra pages that magically appear with a printed concert ticket or recipe.

Beware of overage fees.
Printing more than your subscription warrants may add up.  HP charges1 $1 per 15 pages on the occasional plan, $1 per 20 pages on the moderate plan and $1 per 25 pages on the frequent plan. Paying an extra dollar for a handful of desperately needed bonus pages isn’t a big deal for most.  But if a major print job requires you to print far more than the allotted monthly amount, those extra dollars may add up quick.  To avoid the extra fees, customers enrolled in this program might need to plan ahead and weigh their options.  Investing in a set of backup cartridges makes the most sense if you have a lot more printing to do.  Although it’s an added expense, you’ll be able to continue printing as much as you want without constantly worrying about overage fees.

HP monitors your activity.
HP is watching your printer. By enrolling in the Instant Ink service, you are authorizing HP2 to remotely monitor page count, ink levels, the type of documents you print, the type of device you use to print a particular document and whether the last cartridge you used was new or used.  They are also allowed to share some of your information2 (name, address, email, printer model) with the retailer that you purchased the subscription from.

Replacement cartridges may take up to 10 days to arrive.
HP sends replacement cartridges via standard shipping, noting that it could take up to 10 days1 for a new set of cartridges to arrive. Luckily for most, the wait time probably won’t be quite that long. When tested, an order of instant ink cartridges arrived relatively quickly. HP sent an email notification stating that a new set of cartridges were being shipped out on Friday and they were received the following Wednesday.  Because it keeps track of your ink, your printer can anticipate when it thinks you will run out and ship ink to you in advance. HP bases this on when your cartridges have enough ink to “print twice as much as the number of average pages in your monthly plan1. This works pretty well for someone that prints occasionally, and shipping time probably won’t be an issue. But if a high volume print job is in the works, you might want your next cartridge waiting in the wings, not waiting in transit.  Need your Instant Ink in a pinch? HP does offer expedited shipping but customers may incur an additional charge.

Unused prints rollover to the next month – up to a certain point.
Under Instant Ink, the number of rollover pages you can accrue corresponds directly with the specific tier you’ve enrolled in.  The occasional plan offers a maximum of  50 rollover pages3 in your account at a time, the moderate plan allows for up 100 rollover pages per account and the frequent plan offers up to 300 rollover pages.  So if printing isn’t needed for a of couple of months, the number of rollover pages you can acquire is automatically capped.

Your printer must be connected to the internet to accurately monitor your use.
HP’s Instant Ink cartridges are designed to communicate directly with your printer to accurately  track4 page usage and ink levels. The cartridges only communicate to the printer when you are connected to the internet, so if your internet connection is spotty or disconnected for a period of time, it won’t be able to properly record your page total.  Any pages you print when your printer is not connected to the internet will be recorded when you reconnect and refresh the page counter included in Instant Ink’s online portal.  This delay  may become a problem for Instant Ink customers if they run a big print job offline, reach their monthly page limit and need a replacement cartridge right away.  If the connection isn’t able to reflect how many pages you have left in real time, the program might not be able to anticipate when to ship out a new cartridge.  Waiting for the service to catch up with you may put the brakes on a major project, requiring you to go out and buy regular cartridges in the interim.

Instant Ink only works with certain printers.
There are only a handful of printers5 that operate under the Instant Ink program.  Consumers with  older model machines will need to upgrade if they want to enroll in the service.  Printers can range from around $70 to $380, depending on the model and where you buy.

Forget to pay your Instant Ink bill and HP just might shut off access to the service.
Worrying about a monthly charge to use something as commonplace as a printer isn’t something we are used to.  If you don’t stay current, HP has the option to temporarily shut down access2 to the service and your Instant Ink cartridges.  A temporary delay in the service might be a bigger issue than anticipated if you happen to be low on ink at the time. Since Instant Ink relies on an active account to report ink levels, a delay in payment might also delay the shipping time of a badly needed replacement cartridge.

Instant Ink is making us think differently about the way we print.  The low monthly rate and ability to print whatever you need within a designated page range is very enticing, especially for consumers that only print a few times a month.  But for customers that are trying to stick to a strict printing budget, the extra fees that come along with unexpected prints might end up being a burden.  No matter where you stand, factors like a monthly bill, connectivity concerns, and overage fees are worth keeping in mind.  If Instant Ink’s terms and conditions are a concern for you, aftermarket cartridges are a compelling alternative.  Remanufactured and compatible cartridges are competitively priced and allow you to print freely without a long list of preconditions.  They offer comparable print quality to an original HP brand cartridge, and you’ll be able to print as much as you need, precisely when you need it.  Now that you a have a better idea of what to expect with Instant Ink, the choice is up to you!

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  • Okay so if you do the math, the moderate plan which cost 4.99 for 100 printed pages, right. Well that calculates out to 4.99/100 = .0499 / page. The overage cost $1/20 pages, which calculates out to.05/page – that is if you actually print out 20 pages. so if you printed an extra 100 pages it will cost you $5 – .01 more than your subscription.

    • To that I gotta say Woow

  • The HP Instant Ink is a big rip off. I’ve had the service for several years and they never sent me new ink cartridges. So what am I paying $2.99 a month for? They have total control over your printer. It’s my printer…..not theirs! It’s “big brother” controlling your printer. It’s cheaper to buy your ink on Amazon. Don’t let them fool you into thinking it’s a good idea. IT’S NOT!!!

    • Agree with your comment wholeheartedly.

    • HP failed to send ink cartridge twice! After the second time I was done. I have problems with my printer since I cancelled the service.

    • You are spot on I just spent 40 minutes on chat with HP Instant ink and we don’t see the same picture. It is MY printer, it is MY paper, and I paid for the ink, MY ink, so where do they get off charging me over usage charges for using the things I pay for. I don’t get and they did not see it my way. Where does a machine or another person who does not know me have the right to charge me for using MY things. Basically if I stay on the program I have to be careful how I use MY own printer. Yeah the over usage charge happened once because I was doing a birthday book BUT… this is wrong. So I will be cancelling MY subscription.

    • I have had at least 20 ink cartridges sent to me. I print only full page photos so it works out great for $120 a year .Because 2 ink cartridges cost $60 at wal mart.

    • I totally agree that it is a rip-off. I went 6 months without printing more than 2 or 3 pages a month and one month I had to print a large document and was charged $30.00. And try discontinuing the service. I finally had to cancel my credit card to get them to stop charging it.

    • This was the worst decision I’ve made. The ink NEVER came on time and i had to order my own from Amazon since I live very far from an office supply store. I can’t even disconnect from the internet and use my own printer! They just cut me off after I said I didn’t want to renew the instant ink process. If they’re so good at monitoring the # of pages I’m printing, they would’ve sent me out cartidges in time. I’m donating this printer and switching brands. horrible horrible for me, that is.

    • I totally agree. After the first shipment, they never sent me any ink, even when my black ink ran out. There is no number to call, so I you must sent an email to support. After one week, no one had responded. They have a chat option if you are contacting them during business hours, so I opened a chat. I told them I was out of black ink, and asked them to please send me the ink and after that I wanted to cancel my subscription. I was already $60.00 in at this point, and no ink. I was told that if I canceled, my ink would be inactivated and I would not be able to use it. This has soured my against HP in general. Looking for a new printer, and it won’t be HP.

    • I have read about 30 comments below and my conclusion is that those of you who complain about the program did not read the small print to see how the program works. You are buying a certain number of prints per month. As long as you have paid for the current month you can use the cartridges you have been sent on the program and Pay extra for printing over the max number of pages you paid for. You are not buying the ink. The ink cartridges do not belong to you. Once you cancel the program you cannot use the rest of the ink. You need to purchase cartridges that are not in this program. The rollover limit is one months worth of pages allowed on the program you have purchased. Once you opt out of the program all printing is not available to you on this program including the rollover pages you might have.
      I hope this helps people understand how the program works. Discloser…i have not yet used the program but from reading the negative comments I can clearly see most are made by people who think they own the ink once it is sent to them.

    • I agree. I just canceled a couple of weeks ago. I print quite a bit but not using that much ink, they don’t charge for ink usage. They charge per page. A whole different story.

  • Talk about bar games and this is right up there with the best. Always needing money!! Unmanageable as HP is keeping score. Right in the middle of big print project and Darn HP wants more money. Then get on chat and the robot on other end wins when you subscribe to higher priced plan. I’m done with HP Instant ink!

  • PLEASE KNOW that if you cancel your subscription, and still have the ink cartridges in your printer EVEN IF THEY ARE COMPLETELY FULL! Your printer will NOT work until you go to the store and by NEW ink cartridges that you didn’t get from their “subscription”!!!! Your printer will not print ANYTHING. It will tell you to go to so they can tell you exactly what I just said. Unless you are subscribing for the LIFE of your printer, DO NOT DO IT!!!

    • Yes, I agree that HP should make this very clear up-front. If this is known, then it is best to cancel the service when your ink is low. Why would you conclude that you need to subscribe for the life of the printer??

    • I just got hit with that. I was so pissed that they didn’t make this point clear UP FRONT! At the very least, a pop-up box when you cancel the service! Now I have to leave work, go buy ink cartridges, waste time and gas so I can complete my work. Grrrrr.

    • THAT^^^

    • WOW is that true? You mean if I went to Best Buy or Walmart the HP ink will not work on my HP printer? I want to buy some today and wait for my HP subscription to come, or if I want to cancel after I buy some I saw in the store for a good price I cannot use it?

    • Yes, the instant ink cartridges that you didn’t buy (they come with the 1st month’s subscription) stop working. How does that mean a sub is for the life of the printer? Just know that you need your own cartridges on hand when you cancel.
      I agree they should be clearer about this. Also, it’s annoying that you can’t keep the set that comes with the printer un-used. You need to install the starter cartridges to even order the instant ink.

      Sounds like it’s only a bad deal if you have surprise 200+ page jobs or have an ink shipping snafu. Usually if I had that big a job buying my own cartridges, I’d have to buy an extra set to get through it anyway.

      The best deal is if you print some photos. If you’re just doing text, get a B&W laser printer. Or just get a $60 B&W laser along with the instant ink $3 plan for the best of both worlds. $60 is less than that one set of ink cartridges.

    • Yep, I have lots of cartridges left but had to stop subscription due to our purchasing cards being shut off.. Now I’m screwed unless I keep it current on my personal card.

    • I cancelled instant ink in august 2017 bought new cartridges at walmart and it still says I have to connect to instant ink.

    • Thanks for this info! I only just learned about this and thought it might be worth it, but clearly it is not. I appreciate the warning!

    • Agree -This program is not effective in my experience and a rip off. I also did not receive cartridges twice, Had to call to finally get them sent and finally canceled only to learn I have to buy new cartridges even though I have new full ones! I have never written a review or responded in a blog but felt compelled to share my experience . I am recently retired and absolutely disgusted the terms of this program. Whatever happened to real customer service?

  • Horrible customer service. They will demand a credit card to charge monthly. If you use a pre-paid card and the money on it runs out, they will make it so you cannot use your own printer at home until they get paid the overage that THEY incurred themselves by overcharging your pre-paid card! I’m being held hostage by the HP police. I CANNOT USE MY PRINTER!!!! ONE BIG SCAM!!!

  • Horrible customer service!! Just to be informed I looked up “service.” Five choices among noun and verb. One offering is male mating with female!! I will accept your hardware as functional but you can omit the “service” part!! Please cancel my HP Instant Ink program!! Like I asked you several months ago!!

  • I love this service! I despise buying ink cartridges ($40-$50+) for 15-20 pages, and the ink dries up 3 months later when I go to print one page. For me it is worth it for home use. I have the low plan and my ink arrives well before the current cartridge is out. I have it set up on automatic pay with my debit card and I don’t have to get irritated when the ink dries up and I have to go to the store when I wasn’t planning on spending an extra $50 on ink. For me it is sooooo worth it.

    • Obviously you’re not on a budget… kudos for you… but like many of us it’s not the same… why aren’t you allow to use the printer you bought even if you don’t have the “instantink service”??? I was paying for 2.99$ a month because I don’t print like that… they only sent me ink one time and it’s understandable because like I said I don’t print like that… I cancelled the service and it will take up to my next bill cycle for them to cancel and my rollover pages I have will be taken away. So this month I can’t use my printer… neither my rollover pages… and will receive a bill to pay for something i didnt use… is it fair???

    • Same here! I’ve had it for over 2 years and no problems…

    • Hi Nancy, I have this service, your printer will work if you buy store bought ink.

  • Do your research before signing up for the hp instant ink scam.

  • Do I have to use Instant Ink when I buy a new HP printer with Instant Ink option?

    • Hey Richard! No you don’t. They only have it as an option but you can use OEM and compatibles as well. I hope this helps. Cheers!

    • It’s an option… you won’t be able to use Printer if you don’t use their services after you enroll and can’t pay the monthly charge… only can use Printer if you buy ink from somewhere else

  • I’ve been using it for 7 months and found that it’s saved me money. I was forever buying cartridges for my HP Officejet 4650 printer which don’t seem to last 5 minutes. In the winter I opted for the 100 pages a month sub because this is when the society of which I’m secretary meets. During the summer I reduced it to 50 pages. Although much cheaper for my usage, I’ve now cancelled because of very poor service. I started to get an “incompatible cartridge” message and after spending hours looking on the Support pagesI filled out the Contact form. I waited in vain for someone to contact me and after several days I cancelled my sub.

  • It’s a total scam. I am also held hostage until I buy my own cartridge. I have been overpaying for this service for over 2 years, as I ended up not printing clise to ehat I paid for. My card info was stolen and they were unable to charge me this month. My daughter tried printing her homework and thats when I found out I am now held hostage. Even though I paid for 300 pages last month that I didn’t use, I cannot print at all. So they just took my money without providing services promised. The online chat with Pia made no sense. You think your paying for ink, but no pages. Pages in which you pay for on a printer you paid for. They only provide the ink, so you think you paid for the ink. Guess again. I have ink in my printer and a new one that is now useless along with my printer. Sounds like fraud more than anything. They tell you they can’t help you without a credit card, they have no corporate office, the supervisor’s can’t nor will help. I will not sign up again nor recommend this service. Beware!

  • I’ve been just doing some home accounting, trying to figure out ways to save money since my landlady put the kibosh on my Airbnb. Decided to look into this little friendly service. As far as I can tell when I do the math, it seems it would be cheaper to go off of plan. I started off at the medium rate and didn’t really use it enough so switched down to $2.99 plan when I found out you can change plans instantly, if you need to print more pages than your plan, by just going online or calling them. (A great way to avoid overages.) I am a little confused by how many pages each cartridge is supposed to be able to print. It seems that in 2 years, I have only replaced cartridges once! That seems weird. But it also makes it seem like I don’t need the service, since I signed up mainly to avoid annoying errand of replacing printer cartridges which I seemed constantly to be doing with my other printer. So my question to the community is the following: is there a difference in the specs of cartridge you buy retail (e.g. prints less pages)? Also, re the very helpful comment that when you stop service, you can’t print, I obviously need to be prepared with back up cartridges in hand as the old one becomes depleted. All of which leads me back to the question of whether it is worth the hassle to save $20 a year (my guesstimate for how much extra I am paying, although it is pretty hard to figure exactly as the whole “pages” thing seems to be a subterfuge). Any numbers, experiences, recommendations–as long as you don’t call me an idiot–are welcome. Currently, I seem to print about 35 pages a month on average. That could change on a dime though as I am in gig-job economy limbo. Thanks in advance!

    • I stumbled across your question while reading reviews – regarding cartridge capacity, HP states on their Website that the subscription cartridges do indeed have a larger capacity than even the retail XL ones.

  • So are you saying, HP, that I buy your printer with this service with a free trial, with the monthly ink, with my printing usage being monitored? I do not like this framework because the service is only as good as maintaining my subscription and the usage of the printer that I have paid for along with printing paper. In other words, I would have to update my credit card information in order to use my printer under the ink service? I had high hopes that this would better my personal situation. But instead, I’ve wasted money on this program along with the product. I have decided to look for possible and stable solutions that can better my position with myself and the people I interact on a daily basis. The customer service is horrendous to where it be little the common man instead of offering solution in a professional manner. I for one will not take this form of indigency and I will no longer give a positive recommendation to my clients.

  • How much does hp charge for their cartridges under this plan? Are they competetive?

    • You don’t pay anything for the cartridges under the plan. They ship you a set of XXL ones that only work with the subscription and send you more sets when they predict you’ll need them. If you want to cancel or have a billing snafu and can’t wait to print, then you’re back to buying your own cartridges, the instant ink ones are technically “HP property” and won’t work if the sub isn’t working.

    • You pay for the service not the cartridges. $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99. You keep it connected to the internet and it talks to the company and sends cartridges when you start getting low.It is based on how many pages you print and it tracks and charges accordingly if you go over. They spell it out pretty clearly, but read the fine print. I love it, by my eyes are wide open to the pitfalls.

  • Instant Ink customer service is the worst of the worst! Lengthy hold times. People that you can’t understand. Promises made, thought never kept. Terrible!!! Really, really, really terrible!!!!

  • Curious…I signed up and got my free first order…when the black ink I had ran out, I still had one HP ink cartridge I bought at Costco. I figured I’d use this before using the cartridge from the Instant Ink program…but the Costco bought HP cartridge would work…sheet came out blank…figured the printer, 3 years old, was dying…happened to take Costco cartridge out and try Instant Ink cartridge, which is slightly larger than even the standard 61XL worked immediately…Question..can HP shut down an ink cartridge, even one of their own, if you are signed up to the Instant Ink program? Never happened before, so it seems more than just a coincidence.

  • Be very careful with the Instant Ink. If you print EXACTLY the number of pages you sign up for, then it’s a good deal. They monitor your usage and ship ink cartridges well before you need them, so you’ll never run out. BUT, if you use more, or less than the amount you signed up for, the program quickly becomes very expensive, especially if you go over the number of pages. For example, if you sign up for the 100 page/month plan, you can only roll over a maximum of 100 pages. So, if you’ve been using an average of 20 pages/month for 10 months, you paid for 800 pages of ink that you didn’t use. Now, go over 200 pages in one month, and you’ll end up paying exorbitant prices for the overage – even though you paid for much more than you’ve used. The bottom line is that for most people whose usage is variable, you’re better off buying ink yourself. Also, and this is important, if you’ve signed up for the instant ink program, and change your mind and cancel it, you better have replacement cartridges, that you purchased yourself – not through instant ink – on hand because HP believes that they own the cartridges in your printer and will turn them off. So, you’ll have to replace them with your own cartridges in order to keep printing.

  • Tried the Instant Ink Service and learned the company uses page counts, not actual ink usage. This renders the service totally useless. I canceled my service and HP disabled my computer. Can I replace the Instant Ink cartridges with regular cartridges. I learned the printer will not accept unbranded replacement cartridges.

    • Now… that’s something new to me… so I bought a printer that I can’t use unbranded ink at that if I don’t have the service!!! My printer is disabled because of my bill… you can’t print unless you have their cartridges… they monitor your printer and know if the ink is the one they sent you

  • Sorry, I meant HP disabled my printer, not my computer.

  • Exactly… I still have new ink in my printer and I can’t use it… I have to buy new ink from amazon so it can print… total scam

  • I tried signing up for hpinstantink and because the Wi Fi was not operational I was sent a case number and phone numbers and web addresses to get back to them to finish signing up. When I tried getting back to them all I got was an automated statement which didn’t solve the problem. NO human support!! Lots of wrong departments (automated statements and “holds”). If a big business like HP can’t get their act together I decided NOT to deal with them. All that time and effort wasted. I think many big businesses are succumbing to robot ism and disregard to customers.

  • Reading these comments does not leave me with a good feeling about this. My printer ran out of ink over the weekend and they have yet to send me new cartridges. I was going to give them a call today, but now I hope I don’t get the robot runaround

    • I have had very good service from go with this program it does take a little bit for them to get you the ink. It is not overnighted delivery.

  • I’ve been enrolled in the instant ink program for nearly 4 years. I was paying the monthly fee, ranging from $3.34/month to $6.53. My black ink was replaced once. So, I paid roughly $155. I can get an ink cartridge at Office Depost (one with extra ink) for $40. When I cancelled, the ink in my printer, that was still good, and not depleted would not work any more. I received the message that I needed to renew my subscription with HP Instant Ink in order to print.

    Total rip off! Don’t do it!

    • Amy, the ink in your printer is part of a subscription. You don’t get to keep their ink because it’s not the regular or XL ink that you can buy in stores or online. Their ink can last for several months! I know they last for a long time because when I first signed up last year in September I received my first reorder of ink in December. To solve your problem, go buy new cartridges at the store or online, take out the Instant Ink cartridge(s), and return any used or unused HP Instant Ink cartridge(s) back to them. I can guarantee your printer will print again. Before I subscribed to the Instant Ink monthly subscription, I purchased HP ink in many stores, and my printer worked perfectly fine.

    • The overwhelming number of negative comments about instant ink ordering process has made me think it is not worth the time and frustration of the program. I have just bought a HP 6970 and installed the packaged ink cartridges that came with the printer. At this point I have NOT signed up for instant ink delivery. So my question is when my ink supply runs low or out will the ink cartridges I can get from online or Best Buy work? Since I have not given HP my credit card info, seems all I would have to do is send back the originals and use my own. Does this pass the common sense test?

  • It’s a total scam. I am also held hostage until I buy my own cartridge. The only way to stop this process is to have my credit card company fight to stop the billing. I have cancelled the service for three months and they still bill my CC. BTW i was suppose to get three months free service. Tell everyone not to use this service. The printer i purchased just over a year ago. They have replaced it twice. The printer just stopped working. May have to go back to my old reliable Epson.

    • Demoman, when I first signed up for HP Instant Ink, I got 3 months for free, and I got billed $0.00 . The problem why your printer stopped is because you have Instant Ink cartridges in your printer, and you haven’t returned any used or unused ink back to them. I bet once you follow the steps above, and purchase new ink cartridges that your printer will work, and you won’t feel like an hostage to HP Instant Ink.

  • I really was hoping to try this program.. i dont consider you not being able to use their cartridges to print a scam.. its actually quiet smart if you think about it? My ink runs me anywhere between $30-$60. For what i print i can maybe get 30 pages before my color runs out. So, i was thinking about signing up for 100 pages for 5$ give or take fees… In this case im glad they go by pages versus ink cartridges otherwise it would be pointless. my only fear is.. technical support, which, i have been using twitter to collect information from hp.. and they have been going back and forth with me for a few days, including the weekend. what other issues? i saw credit card information, and also credit cards still being charged.. what about timing.. how often are you receiving ink.. i can print 30 pages in one day and be out of ink? does that mean i have to wait 2,3, days? a week? im just curious because that will determine for me if its worth it. if i run out in a day and it takes a week? that means i can roughly get 2-3 inks a month? mmm idk. $30 for ink 30 pages.. or more ink for 100 pages a month for $5? im so up in the air!

    • Jessica, I works for me. I don’t know how many pages can be printed per cartridge. I print a LOT of color pages and it well worth it not to have to purchase the cartridges. I have never been without ink. Every time I replace the cartridge when informed, that same day I receive an email that particular cartridge has been shipped. NEVER missed a beat. Because I am ok paying by the page, I try not to print less than half page, but I will if I need one word.

  • This is a complete rip-off! I installed the trial ink that came with the printer. However, I was still charged a 5 page overage last month (my 1st month on the plan). I then realized this was a scam and cancelled it. However, they continued keeping track and 1 month later I was charged yet another overage and they claim that NOW my subscription is cancelked.. I’ve still never installed their ink and was using the trial ink that came with the printer. How is that Right? I have tried, but I can’t get a hold of anyone to help. It will be interesting to see if I start having issues with the printer. Oh, and don’t forget to send back any unused ink csrtrudges, or they will keep billing you!!

    • That’s just wrong. You shouldn’t be charged overages if the instant ink cartridges aren’t installed. I’d try to get the credit card company to help.
      I’m still using the starter/trial cartridges and haven’t opened the 1st set of instant ink. I’m “subscribed” but have never been charged for months now. That’s how it is supposed to work.

  • I LOVE THE HP INSTANT INK SERVICE!!! Have not had one negative experience. I have never run out of ink. For the past two years, every month except one I printed my 300 copies. I may start the month off slow and end up having to print 500 copies, I do not worry about ink. I am thrilled that I don’t have to go to the store and purchase ink. I believe what I pay for overages balances out when compared to purchasing the cartridges. IT WORKS FOR ME!!!! It does pay to read information before you purchase/sign on because like most things, you don’t know about what it doesn’t cover until you have an issue.

    • I agree, Edna. The plan rules are very clear and the system works as intended. The service may or may not be cost-effective for some users, but then people should think about the cost per page and sign up only if it is a good fit. If you are paying for 100 pages and only using 20, then you have made a bad decision. It’s not HP’s fault. If you choose the wrong plan and get hit with a lot of extra charges, then that’s your fault, not HP’s. I am in my third month with the 300 page plan, and so far I believe it is a significantly less expensive way to print than running to Staples to buy new cartridges. In addition, instead of printing everything in draft mode to reduce ink usage, I can print everything in normal quality and get better looking results.

  • I am hearing a lot of negatives here. I do not print 50 pages per month so $2.99 a month covers a year at $35.88 and if I purchased two 61 XL cartridges I would pay about $70, which would cover almost 2 years. I believe if you go through HP you also receive a $20 credit===Someone please explain to me how this is a BIG rip off

  • I only use about 1 to 5 pages a month. No color. I was thinking what if I start printing photos? Will it be worth it. It is not worth if for me to print 5 pages one month and not printer activity for two months and still have to pay the low cost plan of $2.99 a month. Still printing photos would not add up to it. I really don’t want them monitoring my activity. I think it is privacy invasion. Still I am confused. It is convenient not to have to go to Walmart. May be better to go to the library that is 2 blocks away and 10 cents a page. I never know when I am going to Walmart. I may go the same day the ink came. It sound like a rip off at the same time as convenience.

    • If you print photos every month then the subscription should be a good deal. I think part of the reason for it is to encourage people to print more photos. They put all this research into photo printing, but when a few 8×10 photos goes through $60 worth of ink, nobody wants to print them.

      For 5 pages a month of B&W, you’re better off with a cheap laser printer that won’t dry out on you.

  • 18 days since order and the ink has not yet arrived! Very Frustrating!!!!!!!!!
    This company provides the worst service ever – wish I had never bought it.
    Printer stops printing, when it thinks there is not enough ink.
    I cant even print B/W because it deems Cyan is out, which it is not. It might be low, but could still print.
    I live far from an ink supplier and cant print important meeting notes.
    Instant Ink was not even shipped until 12 days after ordering it and has not yet arrived 18 days later.
    What kind of service is this?
    I DON’T RECOMMEND HP for anything!

    • I currently run my printer with the black cartridge, and my printer runs fine. I get an occasional error message that states “You are printing with a single cartridge,” and I hit the OK button on the screen, and the printer continues to print in black and white. I also could print when either color was low or one was completely out. I turn off the printer, unplug it from the outlet for 2-3 minutes and plug it back up, turn it back on, and print a test page. This works for me.

  • My old Epson would ask if I wanted to make black from a combination of colors, if my black cartridge ran out. Since I hardly used color printing, this worked out well for me. It gave me time to buy another black cartridge. Since the Epson, neither the Kodak (great until the paper feed stopped working), or now an inexpensive HP 2540 All-in-one, do this color mixing.. I do more scanning than printing, so I can post photos on social media, but do need to print an occasional document. I certainly don’t need the InstantInk program. My beef with HP is that nothing will print if even one color is low, or the black is low.

    • I currently run my printer with the black cartridge, and my printer runs fine. I get an occasional error message that states “You are printing with a single cartridge,” and I hit the OK button on the screen, and the printer continues to print in black and white.

  • I have used an HP printer for years. I had to finally buy a new one this year and it has come with an eligibility for instant ink. I am reading/researching to decide if it is worth it for me, and which plan might suit me best. I have read several threads on these forums, and several other forums. There are some common themes.
    Clearly many people have not read the terms and conditions, or basically do not understand how the scheme works. They signed up and only later find out how some of the issues/features affect them. THEN they complain at being ripped off, or that the scheme is unsuitable for them. It is a subscription service – if you think you might like it, read exactly what it entails before joining up. It is not simply a “discounted ink, automatically sent ” service – you pay according to how many pages you print, not on how much ink you use.

    • I completely agree! I pay the $9.99/month. I am a school teacher and the program is golden for me. I considered backing down to fewer copies but changed my mind. I have had this for over a year. My cartridges are always early before I need them. I even lost one and they overnighted one at no charge. I found CS to be terrific. I only paid $79 on Amazon for the printer with three free months. If I quit tomorrow and had to get a new printer, I feel that I have already gotten my money’s worth. I completely understand the frustrations. I did not know it would quit if you stopped the subscription. I don’t like that one page with a single line counts the same as a full solid page, but I still love the program and my eyes are open to its flaws. The company is in it to make money in the end. The printer is super inexpensive and it makes sense for the big brother issues. I have to say again. I LOVE the program anyway. I love how easy the machine copies, scans and prints and as a teacher, it has saved me a fortune. One day, I may go down to $2.99 a month if my copy rates decrease. Some months are heavier than others, but I only went over once. I regret hearing about the problems. But nothing is perfect and the terms explaining that it won’t work without the service should be upfront, if they are not. I like knowing I can print whenever I need to and that I have a cartridge waiting when I need it. The instant ink ones that I get are very large and hold a lot. I would recommend not putting in the disk to set up your computer upon purchase. I got a tip on here to just let my computer search and add it on. I did not get any pop ups or add-ons that I have heard come with downloading from the disk that comes with it. That was great advice. Hopefully, it will help someone. I still think its the best thing going for my needs. I remain a fan.

  • New to this forum but just signed up for HP Instant Ink for my HP 3637 and there was a FREE option if you print less than 15 pages a month. No monthly charge unless you go over and then $1.00 for the next 10 pages. Free ink under this plan and unused pages will NOT rollover, but that’s okay. My needs are minimal and I bought it strictly for the WiFi option. Fingers crossed it was a good decision. More people will write of a bad experience than a good one, so hope this balances the scales a little!!

  • Almost all of the complaints I have read about in comments were covered up front. I usually call rather than use chat. Customer service has always been ok. I have gone over my 300 page limit and been charged what they told me I would be. No problems here.

  • I cancelled Instant Ink because of having problems with wireless connection. Now it is printing but keeps coming up unable to connect to instant ink. I don’t need it to, but it is now saying that I soon will not be able to print. Do I just need to purchase new ink cartridges? Driving me nuts.

    • Yes, you need to buy new cartridges, and take out the ones from HP Instant Ink. It seems to me that your continued use of the Instant Ink will incur you charges on your credit card that’s on file. So the best chain of action is to discontinue using HP Instant Ink cartridges and return any used or unused ink to them.

  • I just purchased the 4650 and will the ink cartridges that come with it… will they work? I’m hoping the ink cartridges are not those associated with their plan for I don’t plan to sign up considering all I just read. I haven’t received my printer, it’s in route and I’m now wondering if the ink it comes with is going to require me to sign up.

    • I purchased a different printer fa rom you so I can’t guarnatee it works the same, but the cartridges with my printer were not instant ink, they were just normal cartridges. Signing up is completely optional and if you do sign up that is when they will send you the special instant ink cartridges.
      As for all the negative comments here, it seems to me most of them are people who didn’t read the terms to understand what they are signing up for. I don’t think it is fair to call something a scam when it works exactly as advertised. The biggest complaint seems to be that when you cancel you can no longer use your cartridges. But you aren’t buying the ink, you are paying for the convenience and if you stop paying you no longer have rights to the ink.
      I have been very happy with this service. I print a lot of color full page items and photos and if I was paying for the ink, it would probably cost me $30 a month, and instead I am paying $3 a month and my ink is always delivered well before I need it. The savings aren’t as good if you are printing less ink intensive pages, but I think it is worth looking into. The only downside for me, is I have to be more conscious of what I print and keep track of how many pages I have left for the month, which isn’t always that bad.

  • I bought an HP 7640. Was looking at instant ink, but all the feedback cleared up many questions
    I had an old HP printer before this one & never had a problem printing w just black. Now it’s telling me that the color is low & it will not print only black . Does not print at all.There is still ink in the color cartridge, how can I solve this problem? So am I replacing a cartridge that still has ink left ? How is that cost effective.?!! Oh yeah this printer will not work w çostco filled cartridges. Only HP!!

  • We just cancelled our subscription because we still ran out of ink due to not receiving a timely shipment and NOW… the ink that we’ve already paid for won’t work. Such a scam!

  • Simple question.. If you need a new ink cartridge will it be sent to you free or is there is a charge for each black or color cartridge? Yes I see people have commented on how you don’t pay for “ink” but for pages according to the plan you choose.. But as we all know if you have no ink left in the printer then you can’t print a damm thing so what good is having “pages” left on your account?
    I would definitely only print under 50 pages a month since all I would use it for is to print coupons or recipes so the $2.99 a month plan would be the route i go for..

    As well do these HP Instant Ink cartridges last longer than the standard HP ink cartridges you can buy in any store?
    I would be curious to know how much you actually pay for each cartridge and is the black and color cartridges the same price?

    I’m thinking of buying a HP Officejet 3830 All-in One Inkjet Printer from Staples where it is on sale for $39.96 which comes with
    HP 63 black and tricolor cartridges included and it has wireless and mobile capability.

  • Cartridges are sent free. I also paid $2.99 a month. In my situation, the printer (purchased 8/2016) indicated a problem. When checking, I found the genuine HP cartridge leaked and I had no replacement on hand. I called instant ink, understanding the predicament, the representative stated that shipment would be “expedited.” It took a week to receive the ink. After 3 days of technical support, it was determined that the HP Office Jet Pro 6968 had a hardware problem and was not fixable. I immediately cancelled instant ink because I wasn’t going to be printing on the printer anymore. I received an email indicating that I was welcome to use the cartridges until the end of the billing cycle, at which time they will cease to work and should be returned. Yes, I will be stuffing all the cartridges in the bag and mailing it back to them. The technical support was difficult to understand, I was transferred from one department to another and had to repeat the situation over and over and over, even if I gave them a case #. Instant ink is not for me and neither is HP.

  • As I read all the comments, I am still leaning towards purchasing the instant ink plan. I have a question, when on the plan, in any given month, can one exchange the plans cartridges with self purchased cartridges to complete a printing project? Said another way, will on the instant ink cartridges be the only ones to work in the printer when you are on the plan? I am thinking HP will not allow any other cartridges to work.

  • ok so here’s how i see it. I buy Envy 5466 in the UK for £46 (with jan sale discount). Sign up for 9 months of free ink (up to 300 pages per month). when 9 months up, I cancel and throw the printer away. Total cost £46 for virtually unlimited ink for 9 months.

  • Very poor customer service in my opinion. They were either unresponsive to consumer complaints or combative. I will never buy their products again. Beware of their friendly style with advertising without having any true representation to support their friendly style in advertising. It’s a big company showing it will spend a lot of money to advertise and sell it’s product and then not assist the consumer who supported it. .

  • My question to everyone is,

    If I cancel my subscription, can I take my existing cartridges and continue to use them? If not why not?
    Why can’t I disconnect the printer from the wi-fi? If the printer is not communcating with HP why wouldn’t it not print?
    Also can’t I disconnect the paper counter from transmitting? Does anyone know how that is done?
    What needs to be done to cancel the service and continue to use the existing cartridges?

  • I cancelled my service and now ink I bought in the store will not work, Really, so now my printer is useless?

  • I just bought the HP8715. I am so confused.
    I am trying to set the printer up but it won’t connect to my WiFi?
    I do not want to participate in the Instant Ink program. Therefore, should I NOT of inserted the cartridges that came with the printer?
    Also, did someone say that I CANNOT use regular ink cartridges purchased at Walmart?
    How do I get around the Instant Ink program when setting up my printer?

    Thank you!

  • Did anyone use one PC with two printers in the network, one printer uses instant ink, the other uses your own ink cartridge, so that you can choose which printer to print? No problem?

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