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Where To Find Free Printable Christmas Card Templates

Where To Find Free Printable Christmas Card Templates

Sending holiday cheer to friends and loved ones shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Rather than spend four, five, or six dollars on a greeting card at the local pharmacy, why not print your own greeting cards from the comfort of your own home? Customized holiday cards combine the personal touch you get from e-cards with the traditional feel of paper cards. Make one holiday card for everyone or personalize each with more unique notes than a caroling party. These templates say “season’s greetings” perfect for all wintertime festivities. And if the weather outside is frightful, you can get all your greeting cards made up from the coziest spot on your sofa. Bring on the snow!

HP® Photo Creations

Download this app to get access to hundreds of fresh downloadable customizable designs you can print from home and share.



Blue Mountain® Printable Cards

Run Blue Mountain’s application and start customizing your own printable Christmas greeting cards.



Brother® Creative Center’s Christmas Card Templates

Our personal favorite, Brother’s Creative Center offers a wide ensemble of bright and cheerful card designs. Similar to Blue Mountain’s app, Adobe Flash Player is required to edit templates. Dive in and enjoy!



American Greetings® Printable Christmas Cards

And of course, our ever-reliable source of greeting cards for at least a century, American Greetings also offers printable Christmas Card templates from their website. You may very well find the most holiday card designs from this source compared to anywhere else.


Now you’ve got the look, but how do you get the feel right? Quality supplies can make all the difference. Make sure you have good quality matte or glossy paper or cardstock on hand when it comes time to print out your cards. Choosing a solid 80/100 cardstock will give you the touch and feel as well as the strong edges you’d expect from professional grade cards according to If ultra-bright colors and sharp lines are what you’re after, check out our selection of semi-gloss papers ideal for that smooth touch.

For the best print quality, make sure that your ink reserves are strong, and if you’re printing a ho-ho-whole lot of cards, pick up an extra ink cartridge to make sure you don’t run out!

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