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Easy Holiday Gift Ideas for the Office

Easy Holiday Gift Ideas for the Office

Finding time to search for the right gift for a coworker can be a challenge, especially during the busy holiday season.  With family gatherings, holiday parties and your child’s winter break filling up the calendar, there never seems to be enough time to shop for everyone, and gifts for your office mates can easily get overlooked.  To aid you in your search and relieve you of a bit of that holiday stress, we’ve selected a handful of easy and original gift ideas that are perfect for any coworker.

Make Everyday Office Items Fun. 

Fred® specializes in fun, functional, everyday items that are sure to put a smile on your coworker’s face.  Amuse the entire office with gifts like…

  • Pen Cap Cutlery – Get more done on your lunch break with pen caps that double as utensils. Includes three ballpoint pens and a fork, spoon and knife pen cap, perfect for sharing notes and food.
  • Cat Shaped Paper Clips – The cat lover in your office will think these cat shaped paper clips are absolutely purr-fect. Includes 20 clips stored in a silicone “can”.
  • Sushi Pushpins – Sushi dreams are never far away with Maki Tacks, thumbtacks designed to look like fish eggs. Includes 50 tacks per set in a sushi shaped pincushion.

Turn Your Coworker’s Cubicle Green.

A small plant can spruce up any workspace, and, best of all, there are many varieties that don’t require very much upkeep.  Add mini holiday lights to give your plant a bit of festive flair.

  • Succulents – Thrive in dry, conditions with natural light. Water just once a week!
  • Air plants – Enjoy bright, unfiltered sunlight. To water, submerge it in a dish of water for 12 hours every couple of weeks.
  • Lucky Bamboo – Grows best in low, indirect sunlight. Water once week!

Save Lunch Time with an Emergency Snack Kit.

An emergency snack kit is a practical gift for that busy coworker that is always scrambling to eat in between meetings.  Supply them with lunchtime essentials like a set of back up utensils, extra change for the vending machine, a few of their favorite snacks or a new coffee mug.

Be the Office Weather Wizard.

Everyone has a different idea of the quintessential office temperature.  Give your coworker the gift of cubicle climate control with a desk fan or blanket.  LD Products offers a number of compact, quiet fans at a great value.  Pick up a fleece blanket on your next Target® or Wal-Mart® run for those cold winter days.

Check All the Right Boxes with Custom Notepads.

Knock-Knock® offers a ton of creative “to-do” lists that can make even ordinary tasks at work fun and rewarding.

  • Today’s Plan of Attack – A fresh take on the classic to-do list, the “Today’s Plan of Attack” list prioritizes tasks by “most critical”, “would be nice”, and “not a chance”, giving purpose and direction to your daily goals. Each list has a sticky backing for easy placement around your cubicle.
  • Nailed It – Knock-Knock’s “Nailed It” list will make feel coworkers happy and appreciated, perfect for the office cheerleader. From professional wins to fancy footwear, this list has a variety of unique compliments to make your coworkers day.
  • Let’s Eat! – The perfect pair for the office foodie, the “Let’s Eat!” notepad set keeps tabs on your kitchen cupboard and your weekly meal plan, win, win!

Jumpstart the Water-Cooler Conversation. 

Keep the company small talk fresh with Table Topics® conversation starter cards.  Featuring original topics like “Where would you like to travel?” and “What do you like about your hometown?”, it’s the ideal gift for the office’s serial socializer.  Bonus, it can double as an engaging icebreaker game for new hires too!

Sports Fan Favorites.

Gifts for the office sports fan are an easy win and with so many options, you can get them something unique too.  Fanatics offers a huge selection of sports memorabilia and gear, our festive favorite is the LA Dodgers nutcracker.  For the sensible sports fan, LD Products sells NFL edition Swingline staplers – available for every team!

We hope a few of our ideas made your holiday shopping search a little easier.  Spreading a bit of holiday cheer with the right gift is always appreciated this time of year, even in a busy office. A thoughtful card goes a long way too!  Have any gift ideas that were a hit in your office?  Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.


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