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How to Install Cartridges in the HP® ENVY Photo 6255

How to Install Cartridges in the HP® ENVY Photo 6255

HP’s ENVY Photo 6255 is an inexpensive photo printer designed for home photographers with print, scan and copy needs.  Capable of printing great looking photos at a decent speed, it includes a built in Wi-Fi connectivity that makes it easy to print from a smartphone or tablet.  In this guide, we cover simple cartridge installation steps and break down the cartridge specs so you get awesome photos every time you print.

Check out our HP 64 cartridge installation video below.  Or, continue reading to learn more about the 64 cartridge series and how you can save on printing costs!

HP 64 Cartridge Specs

The ENVY 6255 uses a black and tri-color HP 64 ink cartridge.  The 64 series are sold in two sizes, a standard yield and high yield, or XL size, which offers a higher ink capacity.  A brand new printer comes with HP 64 set up cartridges.  You won’t get as many prints with set up cartridges as they are intended to just get your printer up and running, so you may want to have a backup set of cartridges on hand if you print a lot.  The black cartridge contains pigment-based ink and the tri-color cartridge contains dye-based ink.  Pigment-based ink offers a crisper print and dry-time than dye-based ink, making it a solid option for text heavy prints.  Dye-based ink are a bit more susceptible to smudging but a great for producing vibrant true to life color prints, perfect for photo printing.

HP 64 Standard Black (N9J90AN )
Page yield: approx. 200 pages
Color: Black
OEM ink type: pigmented

HP 64 Standard Tri-Color (N9J89AN)
Page yield: approx. 165 pages
Color: Tri-color (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow)
OEM ink type: dye based

HP 64XL High Yield Black (N9J92AN)
Page yield: up to 600 pages
Color: Black
OEM ink type: pigmented

HP 64XL High Yield Tri-Color (N9J91AN)
Page yield: up to 415 pages
Color: Tri-color (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow)
OEM ink type: dye based

Other Printers that Work with HP 64 Cartridges:

HP ENVY Photo 7155

HP ENVY Photo 7855

Ways to Save on Cartridge Costs

Printer cartridges for this machine can be a bit on the expensive side, especially if you plan to print regularly.  Staples® sells the standard yield black cartridge for $16.99 and prints approximately 200 pages. The standard yield tri-color prints 165 pages and sells for $21.99.  The high yield cartridges are slightly better value, with the black cartridge printing three times as many pages for $36.99 and the tri-color cartridge prints 415 pages for $41.99.  Save money without compromising quality, with LD Products brand compatible HP 64XL ink cartridges.  The high yield black cartridge offers the same page yield for $23.99 and the high yield color cartridge is just $24.99. We also sell a five-pack bundle (3 black, 2 tri-color) for $114.95!

How to Check Your Ink Cartridge Levels

To check your cartridges levels, just click on the small ink droplet icon on the printer display screen.  This will bring up a screen that shows your current cartridge levels.  In our example, we replaced the black ink cartridge, check out our steps below!

How to Replace an HP 64 Ink Cartridge

To replace, lift the entire scanner unit up and wait for the carriage to center.

Remove the depleted cartridge by gently pulling on it and set it aside for recycling.

Take the new cartridge out of its packaging. Before installing, remove the piece of yellow tape on the top of the cartridge.  Removing this tape exposes the vent hole on the cartridge so it can work in the machine.

Slide the new cartridge into the empty slot and gently press on it so that it clicks into place.

Close up the top cover and wait a few minutes for the printer to initialize.  Now you are ready to print!

We hope you’ve found this installation guide informative!  If you have any questions about the installation process or about your HP 64 ink cartridges, please reach out to us, we’d be happy to help!

Cartridge Series
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  • can’t get the color cartridge into the empty slot

    • Hi Lorene,

      Try angling the cartridge down slightly when you line it up with the cartridge slot, and then push it into the slot. Hope this helps!

  • Just installed black cartridge–color was not used too often—indicator shows ink in both. Keep getting message –cartridge problem. Have reinstalled. Clicks in place. ???

  • I can’t get the cartages to lock in place

  • I can’t open the cover on hp 6255.

    • Hi Linda, the cartridge access area is underneath the scanner. Hope this helps!

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