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How to Install the HP® 902 Cartridge

How to Install the HP® 902 Cartridge

The 902 cartridge series is a popular HP® cartridge. Released within the last few years, it currently works in fourteen OfficeJet and OfficeJet Pro®  printers.  These cartridges are a great choice for home and small business consumers, offering high quality black text and full color prints on a range of paper types and sizes.  In this quick guide we will demonstrate the proper HP 902 installation, review the technical specifications of the series,  and show you how to save money with HP 902 cartridges.

HP 902 Installation Video

For a quick demonstration of the installation process, check out our video showing you how to replace a magenta cartridge in an HP OfficeJet 6978 printer directly below.  Or, continue reading to learn more about your cartridges and an easy way to cut down your printing costs!

Technical Specs of the HP 902

The HP 902 cartridge series includes four individual color cartridges: black, cyan, magenta and yellow.  All four of these cartridges are sold in a standard and high yield, or XL size.  HP also offers an extra high yield 906 XL black cartridge, which is a nice option for text-heavy print jobs.  The standard yield cartridge size is the least expensive option of the group, but  it is only recommended if you print occasionally.  For consumers that prints with regularity, the high yield option is a considerably better deal in the long term, offering more than double the prints of the standard.

HP 902 Standard Black Cartridge (T6L98AN#140)

Page yield: Approx. 300 Pages

Ink type: Pigmented

HP 902 Standard Cyan Cartridge (T6L86AN#140)

Page yield: Approx. 315 pages

Ink type: Pigmented

HP 902 Standard Magenta Cartridge (T6L90AN#140)

Page yield: Approx. 315 pages

Ink type: Pigmented

HP 902 Standard Yellow Cartridge (T6L94AN#140)

Page Yield: Approx. 315 pages

Ink type: Pigmented

HP 902XL High Yield Black Cartridge (T6M14AN#140)

Page Yield: Up to 825 Pages

Ink type: Pigmented

HP 902XL High Yield Cyan Cartridge (T6M02AN#140)

Page Yield: Up to 825 pages

Ink type: Pigmented

HP 902XL High Yield Magenta Cartridge (T6M06AN#140)

Page Yield: Up to 825 pages

Ink type: Pigmented

HP 902XL High Yield Yellow Cartridge (T6M10AN#140)

Page Yield: Up to 825 pages

Ink type: Pigmented

HP 906XL Extra High Yield Black Cartridge (T6M18AN#140)

Page Yield: Up to 1,500 Pages

Ink type: Pigmented

What Printers Use the HP 902 Cartridge

All of the printers that work with these cartridges are designed with the home office or small business user in mind.  Each one offers convenient print, scan and fax features and the ability to easily print wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet.  Setup is straightforward, just download the appropriate driver on HP’s website and you’ll be walked through the process in a few simple steps.  Some of the most popular OfficeJet printers that work with the 902 series are the OfficeJet Pro 6968 and the OfficeJet Pro 6978.

hp 902 printers 1

Ways to Save on HP 902 Cartridges

Shop around for less expensive cartridge options.  HP brand original cartridges can get expensive, especially if you’ve got a budget to stick to.  Compatible cartridges from a reputable aftermarket supplier are great alternative.  LD Products sells compatible versions of the HP 902XL high yield cartridges for far less than an original HP.  Each cartridge provides a comparable page yield to the original HP and and is equipped with a new smart-chip for tracking ink levels.  The LD brand black compatible 902XL cartridge is just $12.99* and each compatible 902XL color cartridge is priced at $8.88 apiece.  LD also sells a bundle set of 4 compatible cartridges for $39.96 and a 9 pack for $83.61.

Now that you are more familiar with the  HP 902 series, shopping smart and cartridge installation should be simple.  We hope this quick guide was informative.  If you have any questions or any suggestions on something you would like to see covered on the HP 902…leave us a comment….we would be happy to oblige!

*Savings based on price comparison between remanufactured/compatible cartridge prices and printer brand (OEM) cartridge prices effective as of May 25, 2023 on  OEM names are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are not affiliated with, and do not endorse LD Products.

Cartridge Series
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  • Spent two hours tryhing to install a 902 black HP standard cartridge in a 694 com;puter. No luck. What a product?

    • Hi Harold,

      I am sorry you are having trouble installing the 902 cartridge! Just to confirm you’ve got the correct printer cartridge, what printer model do you have? Is it the HP Officejet 6954?

  • I have the Hp Office Jet 6975. I sure hope you can help me get this on. It is just the black cartridge.

    • The steps should be the same as that indicated in the article.

  • I bought an HP 6960 last October and just love it. I ran out of black ink and have just purchased a 902 cartridge from Staples. The chap showed me how to install the cartridge but I can’t get the top to open up where the cartridges are installed. The chap that installed my printer did show me but I just can’t get it to open. Hope you can help me. Thank you.
    Elsie Bellamy

  • I”m in the process of buying a new computer and was told by an Office depot employee that you can’t use after market ink in a lot of the HP printers. I decided to look at your site to see if I could get any further information since I have ordered ink from you for about 8-1o years with never a problem. It looks as if I order a Office jet Pro HP 6978 or Office Jet Pro HP 6968 printer I would be safe in safe using your 902XL cartridges.There are other printers you listed but those are the printers i have in mind unless you have a better choice. Please confirm if this is still the case.

    • Hi Ed! The Office Depot employee is kind of right, but not completely since there’s something you CAN do to keep saving with aftermarket cartridges. You’re only not able to use LD ink IF your printer automatically updates itself whenever HP releases an update. If you want to avoid this from happening, here’s what you do: If you need help with anything, feel free to reach out and we’ll be glad to help.

  • Just replaced my previous OfficeJet 6978 because I got an error message saying to “remove and reinstall ink cartridge” after I installed a new black XL cartridge. I set-up the new printer with the set-up ink and it worked just fine. But when I went to put in the brand new black XL cartridge that I purchased into the new printer – I got the same error message to “remove and reinstall the cartridge”. At this point, I removed the XL and replaced it with the set-up ink, and again it worked fine. So please tell me why this brand new printer will not work with a brand new XL cartridge?? Both are HP cartridges.

    • Hi Laura,

      Sorry you are having trouble with that cartridge! You might try cleaning the gold contact points on the end of the cartridge with a lint-free cloth. Sometimes dust can get on those gold contact points and cause a faulty reading in the machine. You can also try doing a hard reset on the printer. With the cartridges still installed, power down the printer and unplug it from the wall for about a minute, then plug it back in and power it back up. If these steps don’t work, there is a small chance that you might have a bad cartridge. If that’s the case you can try contacting the manufacturer to see if it is covered by a warranty. Hope this helps!!

  • I’m having the same problem that Laura has. I get message to remove and reinstall the cartridges. In my case, this is happening with the re-manufactured set of four 902XL cartridges that I purchased from LD. I cleaned the gold contact points with a lint-free cloth. Got same error message.

    Then I did a hard reset of the printer following y’all’s instructions. This did not work. I’m still getting the same error message. Since I bought the set from y’all, if the cartridges are bad…they arrived here in that condition. I can’t afford HP ink. LD sounded like a good alternative. Right now, I cannot print anything. Please help.

    • Hi Ann,

      I am sorry you are having trouble with those compatible HP 902 ink cartridges, you did all of the right troubleshooting! There was a recent HP printer firmware update that may be causing that error message on your printer’s display. We recently updated our compatible 902 cartridges and they will work in your printer now if you were affected by the update. Firmware updates can cause recognition errors with compatible cartridges from time to time, so to prevent interruption, we recommend turning off those updates. We show you how here: I pulled up your order history with us and I see that we just sent you a set of replacement cartridges a couple of days ago. These new cartridges should work seamlessly with your printer. Let me know if you have any other questions!!

  • apres avoir retire une cassette d encre 902hp xl je suis incapable d insérer une nouvelle casette902 black
    elle ne s insere pas dans le boitier alors que je peux reinserer et retirer l ancienne sans probleme est-ce un probleme de la casette

  • je veux dire que je peux reinserer l ancienne et la rerirer tres facilemet mais que j suis incapable d insérer la nouvelle
    impossible de la clencher est=ce un probleme de boitier ou autre

    • On doit enlever l’agrafe orange au fond de la nouvelle cassette et après ça, on peut le s’insérer

  • Hi,

    I have the Officejet Pro 6975. I ran out of ink (902), I purchased 902Xl the Sams brand and he didn’t accept ink. I went back to store and purchase the 902Xl Ho brand and the black I have 902. My printer is still not working and the black ink will not print. Do I have to buy all 4 of the 902 or 902Xl? The colors are working fine but the black will not print. Please help me out here. Thanks

    • Hi Jarlene,

      You can have a mix of 902XL and 902 cartridges installed in your printer at the same time, that won’t impact whether they will work on not. Is the black cartridge that isn’t working the Sam’s brand? Are you getting an error message with that cartridge or is it a print quality issue?

  • I have been using a 902 XL cartridge. Can I use a regular size black cartridge instead?

    • Yes you can use a standard 902 black or a high yield 902XL black, either one will work in your printer. The standard yield has less ink so it won’t last as long.

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