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LD 3D Filaments: Print Your 3D Creations for Less

LD 3D Filaments: Print Your 3D Creations for Less

Whether you’re an engineer, inventor, part-time tinkerer or just curious, 3D printers provide the ability to create your own molded templates and prototypes so you can bring your designs to life. LD is excited to announce that we now carry 3D filaments that offer great quality at a low price.

LD Products is proud to carry ABS and PLA thermoplastics and nylon natural filaments for your 3D printer creations.

The ABS and PLA plastics become soft and malleable when heated, allowing for your design to take shape, and returns to a solid once it has cooled down. Although ABS and PLA plastics may be the most common and least expensive option for creating your prototypes, they aren’t the only 3D filament available.

Although not as common as ABS and PLA plastics, Nylon filaments bring with it some advantages that thermoplastics don’t. For one, it’s slightly more flexible, making it ideal for tubing designs.

Backed by a one-year 100% satisfaction guarantee, LD 3D filaments will give your 3D prototypes bright and true colors while maintaining the integrity of your 3D file design.

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