Inkjet printers don't make sense in a busy home office.

Here's how you can save more money and time with a home office laser printer.

Laser printers are faster

Whether you need to print five pages or fifty pages, laser printers get the job done in seconds and deliver sharp, professional-looking prints every time.

Toner cartridges print more pages

Laser printers print with toner cartridges instead of ink. These cartridges are designed for heavy use in busy offices and can print for thousands of pages before they need to be replaced, so you don't need to boy new cartridges often.

Toner will not dry out

Toner cartridges can last for months in your printer without drying out because of the toner powder inside that creates a print. Since this powder is made of plastic instead of liquid ink, it doesn’t dry out like an ink cartridge.

Laser printers are easier to maintain

With a laser printer, you can print whenever you want and never have to worry about the clogging or maintenance issues that come with an inkjet printer.

Find your perfect home office laser printer!

We reviewed our favorite home office laser printers so you can make a smart buy. Check out our top-rated laser printers on our blog and start saving.

Our customers love their laser printers

(And our toner cartridges!)


"I used to buy HP toner for my laser printer. A friend told me about LD Products. Now I don't shop anywhere else and I've told friends and co-workers so they can save money too." 


"LD’s always work perfectly in our Xerox color laser printer. Thank you for saving us a ton of money!"


"This is my first toner purchase from LD since I've only recently bought a color laser printer for my home business. I've previously purchased many of their ink cartridges and they've performed flawlessly. As for the toner, it definitely follows this trend. So far (about 500 pages half full of color images) there's been no streaking, faded color, or any other flaws."


"Laser printer toner at 25% of what you pay for an OEM toner. I've been doing business here for over 10 years, never had one bad experience. Service is great and the product is excellent."

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