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Most of our candidates can immediately tell on their first interview that this is not your average work environment. Sure, we’re busy and we work hard, but there’s a culture here that just doesn’t exist in other companies. Everyone here seems to know each other by name. We actually talk to each other. New employees work with senior staff members. You consistently see smiles and hear laughter throughout our offices. Wondering what the difference is?

LD Products is made up of a dedicated team of professionals throughout the company. We enjoy low turnover because here, respect and integrity are the solid foundation upon which our collective success is built.

We’re big enough to provide amazing jobs and competitive packages, but we’re small enough to offer a great work environment that is collaborative, innovative and fun. Here, getting ahead isn’t defined by the number of useless hours you put in, but by your level of creativity and service to our clients. Our dedicated employees move up the ladder fast here, and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s not all work here, either. We know how important it is to incorporate those extra perks here and there to help continue our enthusiasm for what we do. From great traditional outings together like trips to the bowling alley, Segwaying on Venice Beach, to encouraging healthy competition by having fun events like bake offs to making sure you’re well fed and happy by having the occasional gourmet food truck show up just as your stomach starts to growl, we help generate that positive atmosphere that is so necessary to our corporate culture.

If you’re the one your co-workers turn to for input and suggestions, or the person who makes it a point to understand the business at hand and continually aim for improvement, we want you with us. If you fundamentally believe that every employee has the potential and responsibility to personally help the business succeed, your place is right here. Take a moment to explore our current open positions and apply if we have an opportunity that’s right for you.

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