Magnetic Ink Character Recognition technology is a method for printing checks and other important documents to ensure that they are secure and that they can be scanned. This technology provides you with the ability to print your own checks with raised texture and magnetically readable text for verification of authenticity.

This added protection against fraud requires a special type of ink but can be used with some of the business machines that you are currently using. By taking advantage of our deals on remanufactured toner cartridges for magnetic ink printing, you will not only be able to print your checks and sensitive documents, but you will also save enough money to ensure that distributing payments is not an extra expense.

  • Superior Quality & Reliability
  • Authentic Magnetic Printing
  • Ensures Accuracy
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Speeds up Automated Processing
  • Protects Sensitive Information

Low-cost MICR or magnetic ink printing is another way that LD Products can reduce your overhead business costs and maintain the quality of your products. To view our stock of available remanufactured magnetic toner cartridges, either find your cartridge number or click here to find your HP laserjet printer.

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